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League of Legends: LoLCamera – An improved movable static camera

LoLCamera is a project for replacing the in-game camera behavior of League of Legends. It is similar to a locked camera, but instead of being permanently locked on your champion, you will be able to move according to your champion

Daily Deal: New Kingston 32GB Micro SD Card with Adapter

I am not sure when this one is going to end, but it's a super discounted 32gb Micro SD card, which you can use to expand your phone, tablet, camera, or other electronic device. The nice thing about this (besides

World of Warplanes: Beginners Guide

Fans of World of Tanks may fall in love with World of Warplanes. It's afterall by the same company, Wargaming. However there are some huge differences including that of having an additional dimension to worry about, which is the air

GW2: Camera Tool – Change Field of View Camera Hack

created by *M* GW2 Camera Tool is a simple game hack which will allow you to change your field of view in Guild Wars 2. It only does that, and will auto scan for offsets. Please Note: while it is

Starcraft 2: Free Camera trainer / game hack

This camera game hack, was created with CheatEngine 5.6.1. It allows you to take control of your camera in ways Starcraft II, normally doesn't.  You can zoom, pitch, sticky, and is great for would be movie makers. Features: zoom in/out.

Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack

Warhammer's BugCraft is a free (for now) game hack, which has some features which will allow you to have fun, and to farm gold more easily in Warhammer Online.  It is a game hack, so precautions should be taken, such