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Character Name Mask – WoW Addon Tool

Use this Character Name Mask tool, which is a WoW Addon, and use it to hide all of your own character and friends' names. Have you ever wished you could take a screenshot, stream, or record an exploration video, or a cheat

Free Character Name Change – WoW

This Free Character Name Change is an old trick, but must be done in a new way, since the old ways no longer work. To initiate a name change, without the help of a GM to do it for you, or

Your HotS Role – Heroes of the Storm

Your HotS Role, is determined by which class you play. In Heroes of the Storm, you can play as a Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Support, Specialist, or Warrior (Tank). As far as an actual engagement goes, team fights aren’t won

WoW: Kun-Lai level 90 mob instant respawn grinding spot

Instant Respawn Mob Level 90 Location This level 90 mob instant respawn spot in Kun Lai, can be used to Boost XP or to Farm any of the following; Cloth, Harmony, Bind on Equip drops, and Treasure Potion. As these are

DragonCon 2013 CosPlay (77 Images)

CosPlay is where you dress up, much in the way that people dress up, for Halloween, except in this case, you don't buy a costume off the rack. Instead, you choose your favorite character from any Book, Movie, TV Series,

Guild Wars 2: Direct X Radar HUD – Show Hostiles & Players

Wouldn't it be cool, if you could tell exactly where an enemy player was hiding? Well now you can. In fact it's not just limited to players, you can also see NPCs and Mobs. This Radar HUD (Heads Up Display)

WoW: Client Side Model Changer Tool

This tool, was written for the x86 players in mind, meaning it does NOT support running on 64 bit Windows, nor on a Mac. However it will allow you to change the skin on your character, the glow of your

SWTOR: Character Stats Guide

Character Stat Breakdown This guide is intended to shed some light into the different stats present in Star Wars: The Old Republic for all classes. This will help you as you progress, to choose the right stats for both your

Diablo 3 Resource Systems and Beta Leak videos and info

Diablo 3 Beta Character Creation and Main Menus Diablo 3 Class Resource System video  

Defiant Guide to Character Achievements 1 of 5

This guide is part 1 of 5 of the complete list to Defiant Achievements. This portion will cover Advancement, Crafting, General, and Epic Quest Achievements and will describe how to get all of the Character Achievements in Rift.

Diablo III: Characters Preview

Written by ATanner Blizzard has announced four Diablo III Characters so far: the Wizard, the Barbarian, the Witch Doctor, and the Monk. Videos and character concept images have revealed a number of details for each character class, including techniques each