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MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam Revealed

I think of all the bull$hit out there for MyVegas, the MyVegas Mobile Cheat Code Scam is probably the best. They claim, that you will get to use various cheat codes within the game, and all you need to do is perform

BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table

The BlackOps 3 Zombie Cheat Table, is a set of offsets to use with the PC version of COD BlackOps 3. You can use these to make your own trainer, or to change the game to your liking - at least

Allods Online: Sealed Lands Cheat

In order to enable the cheat mode just should just simply press "Enter" whilst in the mission and type #Chicken. Then press "Enter" again. You can now type in one of the relevant codes - just be sure to press

Starcraft Broodwar: How to Open the Secret Level

written by N. Chang Want to find the secret Protoss mission hidden in the Zerg campaign? Getting to it is a challenge, for sure, but if you can pull it off, the secret level contains information that die-hard StarCraft fans

Starcraft 2: Single Player in-game Cheat Codes

WARNING: Use of these Cheat Codes, will disable achievements! Press enter during gameplay to bring up a message prompt. Type in the following code to get the desired effect. These cannot be used in multiplayer mode. Continue reading below for