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Gold Chest Loot Dupe – WoW

It's come to our attention, that a Gold Chest Loot Dupe is occurring within World of Warcraft. The Gold Chest Loot Dupe uses a bug to allow you to loot only the gold from a chest, and then a short time later,

Loot Chests Multiple Times – WoW

Loot Chests Multiple Times

There are a few specific chests which will allow you to Loot Chests Multiple Times. It may be possible to use this exploit on other WoW Chests, but hasn't been tested in all the other locations yet.   The stipulation to this,

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob

When I talk about the way you can Instantly Respawn any WoW World Mob, I am not talking about an instance mob, but you might be able to divine a way to do this with this method. It's fairly easy to

Endless Chest Farming – Elder Scrolls Online

Endless Elder Scrolls Online Chest Farming

If you like chest farming, but wish that there were more chests to farm, then the limited ones available in whichever part of the game you are currently in, then this Endless Chest Farming exploit, is going to get you very

Legendary Gear Farming Location

treasure goblin

Legendary Gear Farming In Diablo 3, is particularly easy in this map location and difficulty. I like Legendary Gear Farming in this location, as I get about 9 chances per run to have a Legendary item drop, with an additional 40% chance

Neverwinter: Infinite Chest Loot

This Chest Loot bug, will allow you to reload the chest in question, an infinite amount of times after looting it, without leaving the instance. So basically, with a bit of planning, you can choose your loot which you want

Path of Exile: Dread Thicket Chest Farming with MapHack

You know those maps, where you just know by the shape of them, whether they will have a chest or not? This is the configuration for Dread Thicket, knowing which one has the chest, which does not. The only thing

Darkfall – Secret Iron Nodes Cave

There is a super secret cave, with a ton of Iron Nodes and a Chest, north of Gulg, in a mountain. What most people don't realize is that within this mountain, there is a cave which looks like it has

Neverwinter: Chest Run

At level 60, there are a few chests which are easy to achieve. Watch this video closely and you will be able to do the same run with your own character to achieve some great repeatable loot.

Neverwinter: Repeat Chest Farming

This is not so much epic, but will allow you to loot a chest at least another time, if not a couple more times. However it's only available to those to do dungeon delving with a group. Why is it

WoW: Trove of the Thunder King 10+ chest route

This Chest farming route was filmed on the PTR for patch 5.3, but we expect that it should work when it goes live. This is so reliable that after 4 times on the PTR my lowest number of chests was

Path of Exile: Large Chest Static Location

Having a way to always determine when and where a particular item is, is a great feat. In this one, we show you exactly what to look for, when determining if there is a Large Chest on this level to

Wizardry Online: Complete Accessories & Armor List

Loot, loot, and more loot. This is the complete list of Accessories: Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Belts for Wizardry Online. Note: This information is subject to change at any time, especially as Wizardry Online adds more items.

Diablo 3: MiniMap Track hack

This is a very small, quick app created to enable tracking objects on the minimap in-game that can't normally be tracked. It will show rare monsters (including treasure goblins/pygmies) as well as chests and certain other lootables. It also has

Diablo 3: Semi-Static location for Resplendent Chest

Resplendent chest farming has always been a good way to make a bit of money. This one is no different, especially if you can do it in higher levels. While many have been nerfed, this one is still active.

SWTOR: Reloot in Hard Mode flashpoint

If you run through Karraga's Palace in Hard Mode, it's possible to re-loot after killing the 2nd bosses. Who ever does the extra looting will get more commendations.

SWTOR: Repeatable Loot, Chest Farming, Static Locations

It seems that there are a few static locations for chest spawns in SWTOR. Sometimes it's junk, sometimes its not. However the best thing of all, it would be fairly easy to macro the login, grab chest, and then log

Rift: Moonshade Highlands Puzzle Solution and Loot Locations

This is the guide for the Solution for the Puzzle in Moonshade Highlands, as well as how to get there, and any nearby Treasure Chests and Cairns. This puzzle, is actually really difficult to solo. I have seen 2 people

Rift: Telara Puzzles, Solutions, Cairns, & Chests

There are a few spots, in Telara, which are puzzles for you to solve. This guide covers 3 of the many Puzzles and Lootable Cairns and Chests in Telara. These are for those around Silverwood, Stonefield, and Lake of Solace.

Rift: Puzzle of the Mysterious Plaques Secret Revealed!

In an earlier post, we mentioned these mysterious plaques, and that we couldn't figure out what they were for, other then they transport you randomly around towers. Well, it turns out, it isn't so random, and that it's actually a

World of Warcraft: Bypass 5 max Instance runs per hour in a group

Using 3 accounts, 1 main and 1-2 RAF accounts, you can bypass the 5 max instances per hour, in order to level quicker or farm chests and items.