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WoW Clients Direct Downloads – Vanilla, TBC, WotLK

This WoW Clients Direct Downloads, is for those who are new to private servers and possibly to torrenting. This is the direct download links for all Private server clients. You should use these only when the private servers official site

LEGION Sandbox – Play on WoW Legion Beta

A WoW LEGION Sandbox allows you to explore World of Warcraft's new expansion LEGION without the game being live AND without being a part of the elites who are actually a part of the beta testers group. It will simply allow

Infinite Mana – Devilian Game Hack free download

The Infinite Mana Devilian Game Hack, is a file replacement. You will need to replace the Devilian client with the one included below. For that, we have included instructions on how to do it. Why would you want to use

Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 – Steam Version

Why would you want to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24? Well it's believed that when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 you can avoid the anti-cheat which might have been implemented into GTAV 1.26. Another reason to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, is that not everyone

Elder Scrolls Online: Binary Files

The following list will allow you to install the Elder Scrolls Online Beta files along with some patches. You will not be able to login (unless you have an account), merely to install. These are useful if you want to

Guild Wars 2: Seige Macro – Auto Catapult or Trebuchet

Repeatedly pressing the same buttons over and over can get tiring, this macro will do the dirty work for you, and save your fingertips. It automatically fires the Catapult or the Trebuchet for you while allowing you to go afk

SWTOR: Memory Addresses for bots and game hacks

I have really been messing with my SWTOR trying to find certain addresses, offsets, and such. This will help for anyone trying to build a bot or a game hack.  Here is a list of what I have so far:

How To: Change Your StarCraft 2 Client’s Language

Changing Your SC2 Client's Language By following the steps below, you'll be able to change the voice actors spoken language of your game client from any language, to any other clients language. There are other methods, but this is the

Good News for SWTOR Beta Testers!

While the Beta Testing has completed, and there will be no more testing after tonight, it's been said that this will be the release client. http://twitter.com/#!/Rockjaw/status/141535439839436801 wrote: FAQ: if you played this weekend you do NOT need to uninstall the

StarWars – The Old Republic: Beta Client Downloader

Some people like to install and check out features they might be able to glean. Others prefer to try to hack the database files. And others still just want to be prepared for when SWTOR is released to the general

EVE Online: Configuring the Client for PvP

Rule number 1 for life in 0.0 and PvP combat is that lag kills. Your graphics settings might look cool, but if these settings cause your client to lag when 10 hostiles land on grid and a battle starts, you're

Rift: Headstart Patcher

So the Rift Headstart starts in half an hour... how many of you have patched to the newest version? If you try to login, you will get an error, and will need to first uninstall the beta version, and then

FFXIV: Full Client + Patches, Download via FTP

uploaded courtesy of DeathMage FFXIV Client Download Fullspeed Patches on the Way incl Tutorial The completed file must be copied to the following folder: The patches that update the download version (download client has a red background) you'll have

EVE Online: Client Source Code

A couple years ago, the source code for EVE Online's client was released.  It turns out, that it was written with Python.  What makes this so unique is that Python, when cracked or reverse engineered, comes out as the original

Evony: Client Source Code

There has been talk of taking this source code and making some emulated servers.  There has yet to be an emulated server, which I have found.  However, from what I understand, you will need some programming knowledge and a bit

Runescape: Get all 99’s super fast – official server and emu servers!

USER SUBMITTED, POSTING EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED This has actually been PRIVATE, for a few years now! Please do not leak from here and post on YouTube or anything.  This is an AMAZING client/bot that has over like 150 bots built

Archlord: Cause others to crash their game

Get a Dog/Cat potion, use it. Click on someone, then talk in normal chat. If they have bubble chat turned on their client will crash and so does anyone nearby that has bubble chat turned on.

Guild Wars: Multi-Client Setup

This game hack, allows you to dual-box GW on the same machine.