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Special Offer ending soon If you donate with PayPal (accepts credit cards) to help cover my expenses since my accident I will help you out in return.  Anyone who donates at least $5 will have their name listed on this

Access All VIP Content

It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

CSGO RapidFire Source Code

This CSGO RapidFire Source Code allows you to move faster, and better yet, to shoot faster. To do this, you'll need to manipulate the player tick. With the source code for this hack, you'll be able to do just that. CSGO

Albion Online Cheat Detection methods

I do not know how old this information is, but since I started playing Albion Online, I figured I should share some of the Albion Online Cheat Detection methods which I came across. There are 2, which I have come across, and

CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code

This CSGO Name Changing C++ Source Code makes it harder for you to be kicked and reported during a matchup by assigning a random string char name and cloaking it from others. Additionally it will allow you to be invisible

ARK Survival ESP Radar – Source Code

The ARK Survival ESP Radar source code will allow you to build your own Radar hack. Find the offsets, and compile the hack, making a custom build, which is less likely to get you banned or suspended from Ark Survival Evolved.

Is Game Hacking Useful in Life?

To answer the question, Is Game Hacking Useful in Life? One must actually look at what Game Hacking actually is. It's breaking down code, reverse engineering, code writing, learning networking protocols, and debugging. It's useful in creating games, tools, and programs.

.NET Injector Tool Free Download

Why do you need a .NET Injector tool? If you don't know how hard it is to inject code into a .NET application, then you probably won't appreciate this .NET Injector tool. But if you don't know how, and need to,

WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Codes

If you are looking for all of the WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Codes, look no further. Here they are, and the prizes are limited, so get your WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Codes submitted as fast as possible.  WGLNA Scavenger Hunt Codes Submit codes here.

Simple Attack Bot – Source Code

Simple Attack Bot

This Simple Attack Bot, is a script written in AutoIt (v3), which can do some basic functions. It will allow you to cast upto 10 different spells at various times, setup buffing, as well as attacking and target acquiring. It will auto

Star Citizen Limited Trial – Dragoncon 2014 Special

As a DragonCon 2014 promotion, Roberts Space Industries is offering a Star Citizen Limited Trial, allowing players to test on a RSI Aurora trainer ship. This Star Citizen Limited Trial is limited to just a few days, but might be just

Free Sims 2 Game

Free Sims 2 Game

To get the Free Sims 2 Game, you will need an Origin and the code presented below. If you don't have an Origin account, sign up for one, then having completed their details, log in, and then goto this page.

Rift: SpamHappy Spell Rotation script with Source Code

This is a Spell Rotation script, similar to PQR for WoW. This is NOT PQR and it wasn't created by the same person. SpamHappy, will do something similar to PQR, but for Rift. Please note: This is a combination of

Perfect World: 15% Bonus Code for Zen

I do not plan to use this code (there is only one code)... so if anyone wants to try it, you are more then welcome to this code. It will gain you a 15% bonus on purchasing Zen via Perfect

ISBoxer 30 Day Time Code Give-Away

In order to get 30 days of time for ISBoxer, you will need to respond in the comments section with the code below. Only the first person to respond with the correct code wins - please use a valid email.

Defiance: Complete Arkfall Ego Code List

If you've decided to play Defiance, you will have heard about Ego points, which are kind of like points to put in your talent tree. There are some additional codes which can be used to boost your character a bit,

FFXIV: Target of Target Macro Modifier

Being able to choose your target of a macro, can make casting a spell easier. In this case we have made a special modifier to a macro, which will allow you modify all your helper type spells.

World of Warcraft Shadow Bot 3-Day Free Weekend!

Hey Everyone, this Friday through Sunday, you will be able to use Shadow Bot free to try out. Why should you use Shadow Bot? Well for one, it's completely undetectable. It also doesn't hook nor inject to the WoW process

Raptr Cheat – Build up 24 hours a day of play time

The chances of me getting that Spindrel mount in Rift via Raptr are kind of slim at this point, but the fact that I figured out how to get all 24 hours worth of play time, while not even playing,

Tool: Asm to AutoIt RegEx Pattern search string Creator

This tool will automatically convert OllyDbg dumped code into correct syntax for AutoIt, with all arguments replaced with .{8} or .{2} or whatever size it is.

Diablo 3: Emulator Server Project Underway

The Emulator is Now UP and Running! CLICK HERE to go to the NEW POST It's come to our attention that an emu server project for D3, is already underway. Here's a screenshot of a recent excursion into the beta

Final Fantasy 14 Fish Bot

Here is a brand new casting bot for people. This casting bot can do everything you can need. advisable of all you can change use it cast minimized. The downside is it injects into the game client but you should

Groupon Cheat – Unlimited $10 Discounts

I actually discovered this one on accident. You see I purchased an India Dinner Groupon, and then saw that I could link to them and provide an addictive ad (I check whats new every day) on this site. Anyways, this

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After almost 20 years online, we can no longer afford the hosting to keep this site up. We use a full server which offers unlimited bandwidth and connections as well as 12gb of memory to keep everything running smoothly.
Unless we get your help today, this site will be going down on November 26th of this year. If you want to keep this site online, please donate. See this post for rewards to donate.

Its been a great run, and we will be sad to see it go.  – Spitt (and the rest of the crew at MMOExploiters).