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Farming Ruby Droplet Companion – WoW

Here's a quick guide to Farming Ruby Droplet Companion pet. It's a cute little guy which will follow you around, just like any other companion. He's got about a 3% drop rate, but these things can be sold or kept -

Dugis WoW Leveling Addon LEGION

Dugis WoW Leveling Addon v7.404 is the complete leveling guide for both Alliance and Horde and includes many other guides, including professions, Dailies, and Dungeon Guides. It has gone through a few changes over the years. It's almost funny if

Fallout 4 Companion Guide

Today, we're offering a short Fallout 4 Companion Guide, as a part of our Fallout 4 series which involves our Crafting Overview, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Guide, and Gameplay Guide. Tomorrow, we will follow up this Fallout 4 Companion Guide, with a short overview on Fallout 4 Specs along

Farm Companions & Mounts 10 minutes daily

If you're trying to Farm Companions & Mounts, then here's a little tip which along with farming just 10 minutes a day, will give you access to 12 companions and 27 mounts. No, it's not going to take just 10

WoW: Celestial Tournament Battle Walkthrough

Can you beat the Celestial Tournament everytime? I couldn't the first time, but I started writing down useful information and tips. These personal notes, teach you how to beat each of the Celestial Masters in turn, with step by step

Skyrim: How to Create a Custom Follower or Companion

Followers in Skyrim can be handy in a pinch, and make for great pack mules, but if you've put a few hundred hours into Skyrim, you're probably getting a little bored of the housecarls and hirelings. You might even be

WoW: Preparing for the Celestial Tournament

I wasn't really interested in Battle Pets when Mists of Pandaria was released, but with the introduction of the Celestial Tournament in Patch 5.4 my interest was piqued so I went about building an effective and varied team of 30

WoW: Easy way to make some gold – Tiny Sporebats

Setting this up, is a pain in the arse, but once it's setup, it's extremely easy to to buy a pet and then resell it for as much as 10k gold.  Tiny Sporebats can only be purchased when you get

WoW: How to tame Gummi the Porcupine Spirit Beast

Taming Gumi is the most difficult taming challenge I’ve ever experienced playing a hunter. Those of you that solo-tamed King Krush back in WotLK…that was nothing compared to trying to wrangle this mob. Deth’tilac…pffft! Not even in the same league.

WoW: Collection of Battle Pet exploits – God Mode

This is a small collection of exploits that you can do, and shows them with an accompanying video for proof of concept. These all work with Battle Pets and other abilities, the most interesting of them, is teleporting via World

WoW: New Method to quickly level 1-25 for Pet Battles

Well it looks like they have hotfixed the method with the macro to abandon the quest before starting a battle... But you can still repeat the battles with a ~30 sec delay between the battles.

WoW: Unique way to advertise companion pets for sale

This won't work everytime, but for those times it does, this is a rather unique way to advertising companion pets for sale. It will get you quite a bit of head turning, and even some pissed off people when they

SWTOR: Activate abilities without an active companion

You can activate any ability including sacrifice/unity, heroic moment, and any class legacy abilities you may have unlocked,  without having a companion out.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim: How to get a pet dog

  written by Matt M.  Sometimes you just want the loyalty of a canine companion. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim includes a number of wild wolves and foxes, but you have to know where to look if you want to find one

Guild Wars 2: Mini Pets & Ranger Pets

information compiled by Tom Riddle Guild Wars 2 Mini Petshttp://gw2.mmorpg-life.com/guild-wars-2-mini-pets/727/

WoW: Gundrak Hatchling Farming

Like all rare pets, the drop rate is only about 0.09%, which means you will have to kill a lot of monsters before you finally see it drop. That said, you should take the farming in short sessions so you

WoW: How to farm Crocolisk Companion Pets

The pets come from a Daily called "Crocolisks in the City" once you complete this daily you will get a Bag of Fishing Treasures which will have roughly a 50% chance of containing one of the pets. There are 4

WoW: Companion Pet Guide – Sea Pony Pet, DarkMoon Faire Isle

This guide will teach you how to get the Sea Pony Pet on any level character, via the Darkmoon Faire. Please note this is only available once a month for a week, so only available for a short time. You must

WoW: Dark, Emerald, Crimson, Azure Whelping Farmers Guide

This is a guide on how to get all the world rare drop Whelpling. This includes the Dark, the Emerald, The Crimson and the Azure whelping companion pets.

SWTOR: Skills to take when Bot leveling

When you are leveling your newly created character up via a Space Mission bot, we have to recommend 3 gathering skills to take. They are Treasure Hunting, Diplomacy, and Slicing. Obviously if you are leveling via a grindage bot or