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ESO Master Chef Tips

Here are 10 ESO Master Chef Tips in Elder Scrolls Online. Why? Because if you don't want to spend your time following a guide, it's possible to level your cooking skills to max, without a guide and a bit of

Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - Archeage

Let me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately,

Wildstar Crafting Guide PDF Download

The Wildstar Crafting Guide will teach you everything you need to know to get into the very profitable market of crafting items for profit and advancement. Learn successful strategies which you can use to bring to market all the items you

Minecraft: How to Bake a Minecraft Cake

Video directions to making your own Minecraft Cake.Includes how to make the grass blocks, sand blocks, and even the water. I know this is a hair off subject, but I thought this was really neat, even though I don't usually

RuneScape: F2P Cooking Guide

Cooking is the easiest skill in the game but this guide may help you get to 99 even quicker than you’d think. Cooking is one of the 25 skills of Runescape, considered by most people to be the easiest skill.

World of Warcraft: 4 MoP Foods to turn a gold profit

There are 4 great MOP foods that can be created and sold for a nice gold profit.  Even though there are many new recipes for MOP, I found 4 that were the most profitable in my realm, which means they

WoW: Ironpaw Tokens & Cooking Materials Shuffling Spreadsheet

All you have to do is type in the prices (in the yellow boxes) for your Auction House & it should calculate where any profitable conversions are. To use it, just choose the cooking material you have from column A

GW2: Updated 1-400 Cooking Guide

You might have realized by now that having your professions max leveled is a must, especially cooking which is one of the most helpful professions from the game. Why is that? Because cooking never ages: its consumables are always of

GW2: Gold Profiteering from Cooking Feasts

Gw2 Profiteering is all about finding a demand for an item that does not have sufficient supply, then supplying that item by crafting it. Today I’m going to show you how to make some gold cooking Gw2 Feasts.

WoW: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide – updated for MoP

This guide was originally written for for any would be gold farmer with little to no experience, on up to intermediate gold farmers wanting to get better at their skills. Since it was first created, it has sold thousands of

WoW: Fastest way to Farm Ironpaw Tokens for Cooking Guide

If you have been wanting to level cooking, then you may have found that you need Ironpaw Tokens. This is one of the fastest ways we have found to farm these tokens. I am sure it can be tweaked to

GW2: Fastest 1-400 Cooking Guide

This guide will allow you to level from 1-400, as a level 50+ character within about 1 hour. It will take a bit of Karma and GW2 gold so make sure you have some saved up, or can make some

Guild Wars 2: Cooking Recipe + Ingredient Location List

This is a spreadsheet which shows most of the different cooking recipes in the game, what ingredients they take to make them, and then where to get the actual ingredients. Page 1 - RecipesPage 2 - Ingredient ListPage 3 -

WoW Gold Tip: Farming the Burning Crusades Meats for gold

Farming meat for cooking and achievements, can be very profitable, especially the ones from the Burning Crusades expansion. The ones we will be concentrating on today are Serpent Flesh, Buzzard Meat, Chunk o' Basilisk, Clefthoof Meat, Raptor Ribs, Talbuk Venison, and

World of Warcraft: Fish Farming for Gold, Cooking, & Alchemy

written by Dugi I’m going to show you the best spots for Fishing for materials and secondary quest items. This is for all you true farmers out there that want to make the most of your gold farming professions. Firefin

World of Warcraft: Water Walking Tricks

I have 3 water walking tricks. These can all be performed with anyone who has the water walking elixir. I have used 2 of these many time, the 3rd someone else told me about, but I think it's still pretty

FFXIV: Macro Guide, and sample scripts

FFXIV's Macro System is like FFXI's Macro System. When you set macros and use reasonably, playing FFXIV will be more efficient. You will have fun when you master the macro settings. Basic information for FFXIV Macros The macro binding CTRL and

Dugi’s Complete Ultimate WoW Guide

We have worked hard to compile the BEST quest order possible, providing you with the correct route that will save you massive amount of time. Doing 3 or more quests at the same time is much better than doing 1 quest at

Aion: Choose the Best Aion Crafting Profession For Your Class

Aion crafting is just like in real life. In order to make money or in Aion, Kinah's, you need to learn Aion crafting. There are six different crafting skills in Aion and you can take on any of them, but

Aion: Complete Elyos Cooking Guide

Aion's Cooking crafting skill enables players to cook food using a variety of ingredients. Apart from replenishing HP/MP/DP, different kinds of food provide various buffs, including increased Flight Time, increased Maximum MP/HP, and boosts in Skills. As with any other

Heroes Of The Three Kingdoms: Cooking Guide For Beginners

Written by by WilliamUsher Cooking For A Kingdom One of the most anticipated MMOs of 2010 is Perfect World Entertainment’s Heroes of the Three Kingdoms. It's not just anticipated for its campaign-based PvP scenarios or its dynamic fighting and combat system, but