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Player Kick Griefing Macro – Fortnite Save the World

This Player Kick Griefing Macro is only for Fortnite Save the World, which is the cooperative play portion of Fortnite. It will allow you to kick another player from your group and is an AHK macro. You will need to download

WoW: Hallow’s End Gold Guide

Its that time again. Hallow's end is here for all the trick or treaters. Not much has changed this year. The weapons and gear are of ilvl 470 quality and the minimum level requirement is 89 to get into the

Rift: Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach – Locations

In Trion's infinite wisdom, they decided for an event called Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach. Aptly, the quest is to plant trees. Unfortunately, there is one major problem. In Scarwood Reach, there is only a total of 5 locations you