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Custom Chams List – CSGO

If you're one of the people who likes to experiment with various chams effects, you're going to love this Custom Chams List. Not only will you will be able to modify your files to have a metallic sheen, but also to

CSGO Pixel AHK AimBot – Color Detection

This CSGO Pixel AHK AimBot works in a unique method. It specifically targets the color of pixels on your enemies weapon, to help you aim. As long as your enemies are using standard colors, then this with help you to aim

QueCheat External Game Hack – CSGO

QueCheat External Game Hack brings a whole slew of game hacks for your CSGO Gaming enjoyment, including TriggerBot, Aimbot, GlowESP, RadarHack, and NoFlash (muzzle). Read the full list below. QueCheat External Game Hack v3.9.1  for Counter Strike Global Offensive, was

CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer

This CSGO Multihack-Aimbot & Weapon Skin Changer has several features, but since we posted a list of all the available Weapon Skins earlier, we thought you might also appreciate a tool which will allow you to apply each of the weapon


If you've been looking for the complete known list of CSGO Skin IDs, then who are we to disappoint? While we aren't listing them with pix (it would take too much bandwidth and page load time), we are going to

CSGO Private Hack – Free Download

This CSGO Private Hack has a few features, and likely my favorite is simply the name change feature. Everyone has their own version of radar or bunny hop, but a name changer? Imagine going in-game, getting called a hacker... denying it,

CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change

This CSGO Health Modification ESP Color Change is a simple hack, which will change the color of enemy players, so that as their health goes down, their outline color changes. It will also work as an ESP, which will allow you

CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script

A CSGO Hours Boosting Bot Free Script is yours to play with, without the need to pay for it. Instead of compiling a bot this is the source code with easy instructions on use, even with Steam Mobile Authentication. While usually

Editable Rapid Repeat Script

This Editable Rapid Repeat Script was written in AutoHotKey and will allow you to press the left mouse button, to repeatedly fire off any key that you choose. Basically, instead of pressing a key over and over, this Editable Rapid Repeat Script

CSGO Multihack – SimplESP v3.0

Come download the CSGO Multihack, SimplESP v3.0. It's fairly intuitive and has plenty of features. It's made for the latest iteration of Counter Strike Global Offensive and features scanning for offsets, should any of the hacks, no longer work.

Peans Undetected Multihack – CSGO

Peans Undetected Multihack

Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO   Peans Undetected Multihack for CSGO will no longer be worked on, this is the final edition. It was written in Auto Hot Key, and you will need to download and install it, in order

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks is a collection of game hacks for Global Strike Counter Offensive which will give you distinct advantages over your enemies within the game, including but not limited to bomb timers, slow aim, anti-recoil, and glow on players which