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Secret Cow Level Hidden Entrance – Diablo 3

I bet you didn't know that there is a Secret Cow Level Hidden Entrance, inside the Whimsyshire (aka Cow Level). Yup, it's kind of like an Easter Egg inside an Easter Egg. Since everyone knows about the Cow Level, I am not

Marvel Heroes: Craft the Secret Cow Level – Classified Bovine Sector Guide

Learn how to craft the Secret Cow Level, aka the Classified Bovine Sector. In this video guide you will learn how to craft this item, how to enter it, and how to play in this "secret" level.

Diablo 3: How to get to the Hidden Developer instance

This guide will teach you how to get to the instance called "Developer Hell" . Inside Developer Hell, there are a couple mobs including Jay Wilson and John Huereman. There is an achievment too: "Smash! Jay, smash!" from killing the mob called "Jay