Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release is the leaked copy for the soon to be released Fortnite Android App for the game. You will need to have a device that can run this, a newer gen phone or tablet will do. There are 2 versions provided, the original version and a modded version which has the device check disabled allowing you to use it on non-supported devices.


You may be able to run this on an Android Emulator like Andyroid as well, but I have not tested it.

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release

Notes and warnings - READ THESE FIRST !

This Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release is an APK with only the device check disabled. It spoofs a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so edit the settings accordingly for your device in game. You may experience optimization issues. It still requires an ARM64 device (arm64-v8a), as that's all the code included supports.


This game uses Safety Net, and also looks for ADB being enabled. You must pass safety net and disable ADB to play the game. Whilst it is likely possible to mod that out, it would also enable cheaters to play the game more easily, and make Epic more likely to retaliate against this mod. For that reason, this release is as close to the official build as possible, with only the device spoofed. There is an experimental APK with the Safety Net test skipped - this may mean your account gets banned so be careful!

This APK does not grant access to the exclusive in-game skin

This APK will not install over the top of the official APK. Uninstall that first, then install this one.

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release FAQ

Got the "You were removed from the match due to internet lag, your IP or machine, VPN usage, or cheating. We recommend not utilizing VPN or proxy services while attempting to play Fortnite" error? 

We are not sure what causes this. Removing the Safety Net check appears to make no difference, so it's not checking that. I cannot find anywhere else in the APK where it's reading the app signature - but it may be doing it in native code. If that's the case, I cannot do anything about it.

Some have reported the issue being resolved by landing in trees, or using a mobile data connection. It's also possible the check is random, and doesn't happen every time - or that your connection genuinely is bad or you simply lost connection to the server

Please do not post about getting this error in this thread, unless you have found some way around it. All it's doing is clogging the thread up with the same thing over and over again.

Got "App not installed"?

If you have another Fortnite build (a leak or release build, both count), uninstall it first then install this Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release. Otherwise, your device does not meet the compatibility requirements.

Got an error involving Safety Net, ADB or root?

Make sure your device passes Safety Net, you have enabled Magisk Hide for the game (not just overall) and have disabled ADB/USB debugging. You can also try using the less-safe, Safety Net disabled APK.

Got the 3GB RAM issue even with the RAM patched APK?

The error your are seeing appears to be in native code, and is caused by a genuine lack of RAM, so it can't be solved.

Got an error where it says your device doesn't have OpenGL ES 3.1 support or floating point render target support?

Your device isn't compatible.

Game crashing during optimization?

Your device isn't compatible.

Got GPU compatibility issues? 

Within the APK's assets, there's a file called configrules.bin.png (it's not a PNG, it's just a file - might be due to Android's asset compression and extraction system).

This file is encrypted. Inside is a list of profiles for devices, that's how this post came to be. It looks like this raw:

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release

This file maps device names and CPUs to a profile, and specifically blacklists a lot. The mod doesn't touch the GPU, with the intention of loading the profile for the correct GPU (to prevent crashes, graphics issues and the like)

Unfortunately, whilst I could decrypt the file, I wasn't able to reverse it and encrypt, even when providing the correct key, adding the header to the file and compressing it as the code suggests is required. Someone more skilled in encryption may be able to, but that isn't my forte. If that were possible, with only one line of modding to the APK itself (it checks the length of the file after decryption, and rejects it if it's not correct), we could run the game on any device with any profile we want.

Leaked Fortnite Android APK Release Download

This APK skips the Safety Net check and GPU/RAM check - Be extremely careful with this as it may crash or overheat your device, and your account may get banned.

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Credit for these leaked Leaked Fortnite Android APK Releases goes to Quinny899 and bluedragon02

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