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POE Stash Helper – Automatized Smart Crafting

POE Stash Helper is an advanced tool which will help you to manage your items and crafting, within Path of Exile. This program is designed to simplify the work with the stash and also to simplify / accelerate the process of

Lazy Craftsman – Diablo 3

Lazy Craftsman for Diablo 3 is an AutoIt script which will perform crafting tasks for you, in the game Diablo III. This is only a script, so you will need to have AutoIt installed (get it here). Once it's installed, you

Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks – Rift

These Forged in Flame Tips and Tricks are meant for the free2play game Rift. I am currently level 70 on my main character and on my other 6, 65. In other words, I have been playing long enough to level 7

LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker

If you had this LEGION Gold Flipping Spreadsheet & Profit Maker, you would no longer wonder what to do with the mats that you farmed. You plug in the prices of your mats, plug in the prices of what you can

Max Mining in 2 hours – WoW

Imagine being able to Max Mining in 2 hours in World of Warcraft. This isn't an old guide where leveling to 450 might have taken all day, no it's all the way from 1-700. Of course there are leveling guides out

List All Known Glyph Recipes – WoW

With a little bit of fiddling you can chance this tool which will List All Known Glyph Recipes across all your characters to list recipes for other crafting skills in World of Warcraft as well. This tool itself was made with

Vault Dweller Prima Guide – Fallout 4

This Vault Dweller Prima Guide is staggeringly complete and stuffed with all the information you'll need to survive and thrive in Fallout® 4. Unlike most guides written by 3rd parties, Prima is over 70 pages and includes minute details of what

Blade and Soul Starter Guide

With this Blade and Soul Starter Guide, we're going to go over classes, races, crafting, gear, gold farming, basics to leveling, and some of the major changes to the game versus other traditional MMOs. This is not a stand-alone leveling guide,

Trove Boot Drop for Nippy’s Fishbot

You might have tried using the Trove Boot Drop on Nippy's Fishbot, only to learn that in fact does not work. As it happens, there is a work-around, and that's what we are presenting you with today. Not only does the Trove

Provisioning Writs – ESO

Provisioning Writs can get quite complicated in the higher levels as the writ you receive depends upon your provisioning level, whether you can access Coldharbour,  whether you have finished the Coldharbour quest line, and whether you can access Belkarth, Craglorn.

Fallout 4 Crafting Overview

Fallout 4 Crafting is a bit different then it is in most other games. In most games, crafting is about making items from scrap such as weapons, armor, possibly potions and food. Fallout 4 Crafting has only 2 (at the moment)

ESO Master Chef Tips

Here are 10 ESO Master Chef Tips in Elder Scrolls Online. Why? Because if you don't want to spend your time following a guide, it's possible to level your cooking skills to max, without a guide and a bit of

Catching Trophy Fish Tip – ESO

There is a secret to Catching Trophy Fish.  If you like the crafting aspect of ESO, and are an avid fisherman, then you might be surprised by this one tidbit.  Sometimes the rewards are meager when fishing in ESO, but it

Wildstar Player Tips

With Wildstar going Free-2-play tomorrow, we figured some Wildstar Player Tips might be something that many of you might be interested in. Obviously, these tips aren't for everyone, and some of them might seem obvious. Most likely you are going to

PoE Crafting Order Flowchart – Path of Exile

This PoE Crafting Order Flowchart for Path of Exile is the result of my synthesizing of information gathered in a crafting thread with over 130 helpful tips. It applies to physical damage items but it's easy to extrapolate the adequate variation for any

ESO Crafting Guide re-Upload

It's time for another ESO Guide, this time we chose the ESO Crafting Guide re-Upload. In a moment, I am going to share with you what's packed into this guide - all 100 pages worth for XBox, PS4, and PC

WoD Crafting Spreadsheet – WoW

The WoD Crafting Spreadsheet was created to include every single craftable item within Warlords of Draenor. No more guessing to see if whatever you want to craft is going to make you money, simply tab out, add the information required

View Archeage AH while Crafting trick


This View Archeage AH while Crafting trick, simply allows you to craft with the AH open, so that you can continue to purchase items off the AH as needed or, if you choose, list newly created items, which frees up your

Stealing Crafting Materials – ESO

Stealing Crafting Materials

Stealing Crafting Materials in Elder Scrolls Online, is fairly easy with the introduction of the new Justice System. Utilizing this new Justice System, allows us to steal items and then to use them to break them down with deconstruction, for the parts we

WPE Packet Injection Crafting Level to 50 in hours ~ FFXIV

WPE Packet Injection Crafting

In order to use this WPE Packet Injection Crafting game hack for FFXIV:ARR, you need to download and install WPE Pro. You will also need to follow some simple steps which will allow you to level crafting to 50, in

Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - Archeage

Let me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately,