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Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide

If you look around at the various leveling guides, each of them are trying on one form or another to tap into the market of gold guides. You could almost thinnk of it as the Holy Grail of guides, because

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes

Rift Butchering 240-285

Rift Butchering 240-285 in 15 minutes is easily done, if you have a high level character. If you don't, then this is going to take you a bit longer. At my level, I can smoke these level 50 mobs down as

Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide – ArcheAge

Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide

The likelihood of you getting a part of a top 50 set with decent item rarity with a low crafting skill is incredibly low, and you are about to understand why, with this Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide. From levels 20

Weaponsmith Leveling Guide – Wildstar

Wildstar Weaponsmith Leveling Guide

In this Weaponsmith Leveling Guide, you will learn to level your crafting skill all the way up. To maximize your Weaponsmith skill in Wildstar, it relies on Mining and occasionally Salvaging. Ore is easily found in bulk via our Ore Farming

Xenocite Ore Farming Maps – Wildstar

Xenocite Ore Farming Maps

We are going to show you the areas on where we found the best Xenocite Ore Farming Maps in this guide. Xenocite is used in a few professions, but you will need it most in Weasponsmith and Armorer leveling. Just follow

Wildstar Crafting Voucher Transfer Cheat

Transfer Crafting Voucher

This Wildstar Crafting Voucher Transfer Cheat allows you to transfer Crafting Vouchers to another character. The Best way to use this cheat, would probably be to flesh out a low level crafter with more recipes and bags, or to sell these Wildstar

Technologist Dailies Cheat Sheet

This WildStar Technologist Dailies Cheat Sheet is for Dominion, and lists each of the dailies for each level. Below all this, you will also find a shopping list. How is the Technologist Dailies Cheat Sheet helpful? With this, you can pre-shop

Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore Maps

Titanium Loot

Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore is a simple matter of right clicking and looting. Be forewarned of the Titanium Monster that looks like a Titanium vein. Thus far, we have noted that Farming Wildstar Titanium Ore tends to spawn in the

Wildstar Crafting Guide PDF Download

The Wildstar Crafting Guide will teach you everything you need to know to get into the very profitable market of crafting items for profit and advancement. Learn successful strategies which you can use to bring to market all the items you

ESO Known Alchemy Recipes


Our ESO Known Alchemy Recipes will help get you started with Alchemy and crafting in Elder Scrolls Online. Crafting in ESO is a bit like most games, where you need a recipe, but it's also a bit like Asherons Call, where

ESO Crafting Cheat Sheets

ESO Crafting Cheat Sheets

Imagine knowing exactly what was needed to craft any recipe in the game. Now imagine having some ESO Crafting Cheat Sheets, with which to quickly reference these professions. Thats what we are presenting you with today. You get a total of 6 different cheat sheets,

ESO Speed Crafting Method

ESO Speed Crafting Method

This ESO Speed Crafting Method, needs 2 or more people to work efficiently. Each of these people must be of different crafting professions; Blacksmithing, Clothier, or Woodworking. This is not the highest Inspiration Points (Experience Points) you can earn in the

Dream Weaver Cheaper Leveling – Rift

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver Cheaper leveling is possible using 3 little tricks which will save you so much platinum and time. It will take dedication and persistence, but is easily achieved. Either I forgot how expensive it was to level a profession,

FFXIV Crafting Level Cheap Fast Cheat

FFXIV Crafting Level Cheap Fast Cheat will teach anyone to get their professions to 50 quickly and cheaply. I figure the next big patch might break this anyhow, so might as well put it out. This requires some materials still, but far

Craft Wands for CosPlay How To guide

Craft Wands for CosPlay is a little tutorial on how to make a "magical wand". You might see something like this in Harry Potter, or at the next gaming convention. Personally, I used this tutorial to make some Christmas gifts

Rift Fishing Guide and Area Locator

Rift Fishing is a little bit like most other games, except that you won't need any moving of the pole this and that way, and you don't need to click on a bobber. There have been some bots released, which

FFXIV Weaver Guide

In this guide, we will teach you the basics about Weaving, where to get your Levequests, and what you can make as a Weaver, each of the quests and items to be made, and go over other things you should

FFXIV: Craft with HQ Mats using Bot

Currently, there is only one scripting software which will macro crafting using HQ mats. Unfortunately it will you money... personally I think it's a good investment, considering the excellent support and quantity of games supported *shrug*. There are several people

FFXIV: How to make Gil with Tradeskills

Trade skills take the most time out of any of the Gil making strategies, but the payoff can be well worth it. While you can choose any profession you want, I would highly suggest following the below advice to maximize

FFXIV: AutoHotKey Crafting Script

I use this with crafting macros to mass-craft items.I spent all night mining raw sphene so in order to convert them, I created this AutoHotKey script. Just copy the script into notepad, and then save the file, where the extension

Minecraft: How to Bake a Minecraft Cake

Video directions to making your own Minecraft Cake.Includes how to make the grass blocks, sand blocks, and even the water. I know this is a hair off subject, but I thought this was really neat, even though I don't usually

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