Mar 102012

This is a skin swap for the Tera Online Human model. This was originally intended to uncensor the Human Female Model, however with my archives missing, and the old links being taken down, this is now a more recent update which is a full on Nude Hack for Tera Female Humans.

I do NOT have the old Uncensor files, which would turn the US version into the Korean version of the game, as far as the skins went. If someone has these old files, please link me them and I will provide them as well. Continue reading »

Feb 192012

Veliks Tera Mastery Guide
This is an skin swap for the Catanic Female Models. This swaps the Korean model of the female models for the American and European models. See the image below for more info.

Here’s the Korean and USA/EU Versions side by side…

As you can see the USA/EU model shows a lot less skin. This will revert the USA/EU Clients to the Korean models, as shown in the picture inside the Continue reading »