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D3: End Game Monk Builds and Strategy

There are two major ways to build a Monk once you hit Nightmare and beyond. Each build has a number of options that I’ll cover in this guide. I split the builds into Solo and Group builds, but in reality

Diablo 3: Barbarian Inferno Mode Guide

If you want to solo in Inferno mode as a Barbarian, you should know that you will not be as effective as ranged classes. The problem is pretty simple: even with the best gear for your current level of progression,

D3: How to do the Trade Window Scam

This “Secure Window Trade” exploit has been happening very often, it’s time one of us came up with a solution to prevent this, especially for our loyal readers. However because it does give the info on how it's achieved and propagated,

D3: Paragon System to be added to Patch 1.0.4

Yesterday, Blizzard announced a new Rift like system of Ascension Levels called the Paragon system. In Rift, this means that once you hit 50, you can gain points to level up core skills or attributes. For Diablo 3, it's going

Diablo 3: WhirlWind DPS Barbarian build

There isn’t a “Best” build for Barbarians, but this particular build is definitely fun, and offers insanely high in DPS as well. Some say Whirlwind sucks for Barbarians, and others think it's cool. You will kill things very quickly, if

Diablo 3: Flipping Weapons for profit

I hate selling weapons. Mostly because it’s a super random market. There are lots of variables and the prices people put up seem more based on wishful thinking than the prices for regular gear. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve

Diablo 3: Templar Guide and Build

The Templar is the first Follower you get access to in Diablo 3 and it is a pretty good choice. The Templar is definitely the most defensive of the Followers as it has a variety of healing and stun skills.

Diablo 3: Download, Install, and Run Hellbuddy (for free)

This is a video guide to how to get around the authentication issues, even when the HellBuddy servers are down... and of course we have a legit version of the bot for you to also download.

Diablo 3: Gold Farming – The Lobster Technique

written by Darkmotion The Lobster lives at the bottom of the sea, along with all the rock bottom prices. He is a bad swimmer so he has to rely on very slow or stupid prey. The lobster knows his environment and will

D3: End Game Wizard Build and Strategy

Once you’ve reached Nightmare Mode and beyond, things can get rather nasty for a Wizard. Luckily, there’s a few builds and suggestions to help you out. We’re going to focus on one single build, which I’ve found to be amazing

Diablo 3: Making Gold by Playing the Auction House

The easiest and fastest way to make gold in the auction house has nothing to do with playing Diablo 3 but rather by playing the auction house. In this article I will be sharing the techniques I’ve used to make

Diablo 3: Scoundrel Guide and Build

The Scoundrel companion is a ranged character which uses bows or crossbows in order to deal damage. Unlike the Templar, it has no healing abilities, and instead offers a variety of crowd control effects and a nice damage buff.

D3: Change Item Names, then link them in chat

This is a simple memory hack, which will allow you to make changes to your game item names for as long as you are in the game. However, once you leave the game will reset the names. The interesting part

D3: Gold Farming Script – 100k-200k/hr

The bot is made with Java and it's based on the class "robot". It supports several resolutions, and is working with normal mouse clicks so you can't do anything else while it's running. It will farm and net you about 100k-200k

Diablo 3: Price Checker

So you have this really cool item, and you want to know what it's worth. Or maybe you want to know what the average price is on a given item. This is what Diablo 3 Market Watch hopes to contribute

Diablo 3: AutoIt Script Level 15-60 AFK – Any Class

This is a bot for Diablo 3! It will level you from 15-50 with little interaction. All you need to do is update your gear and set it up to run with some skills. It will run Bastion's Keep Stronghold

D3: Inferno Farming – Gold, Magic Items, Treasure Goblins

I have found a good sequence to run in Act 1 Inferno, which has really helped me in my speed runs, which I am now going to share with you.Once done I remake another game and do it again. This

D3: Down Azmodian in 4 Seconds as Barbarian

originally posted by doggyfish Allows you to down Azmodian in 3-4 seconds as a Barbarian, using an exploit within the game. The charge effect, with a damage + rune, will give you an ungodly advantage making you nearly invulnerable.

D3: How to make money selling Shields

This PodCast goes over why selling Shields, will help make you a lot of gold within the game. This podcast comes courtesy of Markco from D3Gold Secrets. If you like the PodCast and want to hear more, subscribe to the

Diablo 3 – Tool: RMAH Transaction Calculator

I came across a tool/calculator which will help you to adjust you sales price, based on how much profit you want to end up with when selling on the D3 RMAH. http://calc.d3-rmah.com/calc The only problem is, it doesn't take into

D3: Enchantress Follower Guide and Build

The Enchantress is a ranged Follower which specializes in using charm and disorient effects. While they may not seem impressive on paper, these skills can make a huge difference in higher difficulty modes. The Enchantress also has some great buffs.