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Beating Performance-Based SR Systems | Overwatch

Beating Performance-Based SR Systems isn't impossible, it just takes a bit of time and knowledge. Afterall, its not is going anywhere. Heck even HoTS is now getting it. So as one of the mere mortals playing this game, trying to rank

DomiNations Diamond Farming

DomiNations Diamond Farming is really easy, if you've already read my guide on Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing. It's a fairly simple measure, and a slight twist to de-ranking. In my other guide, I taught you how to de-rank, so that

LoL: How to Improve Faster guide

If I had to choose one piece of advice to turn an average or below average LoL player to become a platinum or diamond level player, what would it be? Maybe warding more is the answer? Maybe I could tell

Runes of Magic: Make 200-400 Diamonds per hour, safely completing surveys

What this guide teaches: How to make 200-400 diamonds an hour from downloading/installing the adware/spyware off RoM's survey page without junking up or harming your system and it's repeatable (somewhat system dependent and only once per account; you'll either have

Starcraft 2: Three Essential Tips, to get to Diamond League

StarCraft 2 is an extremely competitive game, a game where it will not only take up a lot of your time and effort but also a lot of learning to really truly master. For a new player to StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2: Streaming Live Korean Diamond Player

I just found this, thought it was pretty cool... only problem is it's in Korean. However if you want to watch a live Starcraft 2 match, between Diamond players, this is still a pretty good way to watch, and learn.

Starcraft 2: Zerg Guide – How and Why to use Creep

A Zerg’s Creep is one on the most underrated parts of the Zerg game. However it produces a large advantage with the Zerg player that can’t be overlooked, specifically within the higher-level diamond ladders.

Starcraft 2: Video – The importance of using Hotkeys

This is a video, talking about the basics of Hot Keys and Control Groups and explaining how important they are for new players to get themselves in the habit of using them both.

Starcraft 2: Hiding your Entire Base, 1v1 Diamond Strategy

This is one of those rarely use strategies, that will take your enemy by complete surprise. It's simple in thought, and because of that a rarely used strategy. The player makes it work, because he essentially confounds the enemy, and

Blizzcon 2010 Starcraft 2 Secrets of the Masters

If you missed the starcraft 2 "Secrets of the Masters" session, from Blizzcon 2010, here are the videos for it. They gave some great info and strategies for those of you who are willing to learn more about the game.

Starcraft 2: The Secret To High APM & Pro Level Play

Today I want to share a little secret with you that the pros use every day to win games like crazy. If you didn't already know, APM stands for Actions Per Minute. It's basically how many things you do in a

Starcraft 2: Epic Terran vs Terran Matchup, Constant Action & Great Strategies

This is a truly epic battle between two Pro Terran players. This game just goes on and on and has so much action I had to do a post on it. The players are Morrow and Select and it's casted

Starcraft 2: Counter like the Pros, SC2 Counter Strategies

Knowing your opponent(s) strategy is a vital part of any game, whether it be online or not. The same rules apply to Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 pros, aren't pros because of their apm. They are pros because they know how