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GW2: Glass Cannon – 9 Dodges in 10 seconds on Engineer trick

This is one of those unbelievable tricks, till you see it done, and so we have included a video for you to watch as well. This trick will allow you to dodge upto 9 times in 10 seconds, 7 of

Rift: Crafting Bonuses from items list

Have you ever wished you knew exactly what that extra ingredient would add, bonus wise, to a recipe? How much dodge, strength, agility? Or intelligence, spell power or widsom? No more guessing.

Rift: Tank Builds, 2 Soul Tree Main Specs

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com Here's a tank build for Rift, with the main Souls being Paladin and Warlord. The key with this build is to both generate threat, as well as to block, and use abilities with blocking. Additionally,

WoW: Defensive Stat Breakdown – Stats and Attributes

We take a look at all of the Defense-oriented stats and attributes found in World of Warcraft. Find out how much Defense or Resilience it takes to become immune to critical hits, or whether your tank should be stacking Dodge