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Polyformic Acid Potions x2 trick – WoW

In heroic Scholomance you can do a minor dupe and get Polyformic Acid Potions x2 (and the vials). It's not even worth calling it an exploit since it only allows you to double once - but the information might be

Allods Online: Double XP

Not a cheat nor exploit, simply a bit of news which was passed on to me. Allods Online, is having a double experience week. Not sure when it was kicked off, but it expires on Dec 1st. Since it normally

Allods Online: Double XP Weekend

Now through Sunday, get double XP. Want to speed level? It stacks with an XP scroll. Want to go even faster? Level 1-15 turn on PvP, and get a 10% bonus to XP! Contributed by Smokeyz

Runescape: Low Level way to double your money

This is great for low level toons, without much money.  It will allow you to simply double your money, but it's not something you could do at higher levels, unless you set up a macro.

Lord of the Rings: Temporary Legacy Boost Trick

This will allow you to double your legacy weapons. It's a temporary boost, which will be disabled if you crash, get booted, or the servers go down for a patch, hot fix, or maintenance. However this is on