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Neverwinter: Wizard Renegade Burst Build Guide

This guide is the result of analyzing all of the popular CW builds, watching hours of gameplay of high-level play on streams, and getting advice from other players. This is probably similar to other Renegade builds. The small improvements make

Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter Stunlock Burst DPS Build

This guide is strictly for a single target burst dps/stunlock great weapon fighter. You will be able to crit for 9-14k+ even with non daily abilities. The 3-4 encounter/daily rotation will keep your target in 100% stunlock and in order

WoW: Insane Damage Affliction Warlocks vs Bosses with Adds

On bosses with adds you can use this little trick to do insane damage with an Affliction Warlock. However you cannot have the "soul swap" glyph. At the start of the pull you have to get as many buffs and

Path of Exile: 6 Popular Templar Builds

The Templar class is perfect if you want to build a tanky mage or a melee elemental damage machine. Starting in between the Marauder and Witch in the passive skill tree, there’s plenty of different options for you to go

Path of Exile: Seven Popular Duelist Builds

Duelist tree builds range anywhere from a tank like two-handed characters to elemental bow rangers. The builds listed are just some of the most popular ones that players are using, therefore if you need a basic guideline on how to

Ragnarok Online 2: Sorcerer Full Support Guide

This is my FS Sorc guide. I think support or healer Sorcs are just as capable at healing as a Priest. Sorcs do lack some of the essential skills that Priests do. Like Coloseu Heal or Blessing but they make

PoE: 2-H Marauder Axe Build

A 1-H Axe does the highest DPS in the game. Using 2 at the same time blows away 2Handed weapons with a few exceptions like Double Strike. Does 2x Axe have better DPS at endgame with passives like Adder’s Touch

Dungeon Defenders: Propeller Cat Guide – Maximize your DPS

We examine Propeller Cats, and whether they’re the right choice for YOU in your journey to max your DPS. While a seahorse spits poison at things, fairies heal you, and genies gives you a ton of mana, a propeller cat

Path of Exile: Kripper’s Templar Wand Build Guide

Based on the build by Krippers To save your time from asking questions again and again, I will try my best to include everything there is to playing with wands in this guide. Build Strengths: Unmatched group utility (up to

WoW: Top DPS Build for Brewmaster Monk

As a tanking class, Monks are THE top dps providing raid utility. This guide will teach you how to keep your raid alive, minimize damage taken and maximize dps. Brewmaster Monk Build

Diablo 3: Wizard Fire & Ice Build

Traditionally, Frost Nova and Diamond Skin have been my main defensive skills, though Mirror Image and Teleport can be just as effective. In this case we will use Blizzard to slow, while we kite mobs and drop AoE damage upon

Diablo 3: Speed Leveling Tip – DPS

Remember the last 2 tips I gave you to speed leveling (Questing & Enhancements)? I gave you them, in part because, we can level from 1-60 by hand so quickly now, it doesn't hurt to share with you some of

Diablo 3: Monk Sledge Fist Build for Ubers – 10k DPS

This is a team only build so it will not work if you want to play alone. Ubers require teamplay anyways. This build means you alone have around 10k dps, but it actually does more damage by riding on your

GW2: High Burst DPS Warrior Build

One of the most important things to focus on in gametypes such as PvP and WvW in Guild Wars 2 is your damage output, at least if you’re playing as a Warrior anyway. When you get in tight spaces and

WoW: Upto 5000000 dps in Jade Forest exploit

This is an exploit which will give you multiple NPCs to follow you around, helping to kill allowing you to do exponential damage to creatures in the Jade Forest. Each time you do the exploit, it will grant you another

WoW: Up to 8.6 Million Experience per hour tag farming

These mobs aren't insta-spawn, but they will respawn quickly enough for you to keep your XP per hour up. XP Per hour is based on a level 89 with full rested exp. At lower levels, the exp may be lower.

Diablo 3: Post nerf AFK Goblin farming as DH or Wiz – no bots/macros

This trick will allow you to use your Demon Hunter or Wizard to farm Treasure Goblins, while being completely afk. Best of all it uses a simple trick, which in this case means no macros/bots to gain you the kills.

GW2: 5 Must Read Dungeon Running Tips for everyone

Guild Wars 2 sends the traditional Tank/Heal/DPS threesome home, in favor of a positioning-based system that puts each player in charge of their own health. Here are five tips to help you get through Guild Wars 2’s five-person dungeons without

Dragon Nest: Pyromancer or Saleana Build and Skills

Compiled by Chaose5 Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers

Diablo 3: WhirlWind DPS Barbarian build

There isn’t a “Best” build for Barbarians, but this particular build is definitely fun, and offers insanely high in DPS as well. Some say Whirlwind sucks for Barbarians, and others think it's cool. You will kill things very quickly, if

Rift: Bard Tank DPS PvP All-In-One Build

This build has a super high survival rate, when hunting solo or even in groups. It goes 36 points in Bard, 26 in Riftstalker, and 6 in Assassin. It can kill fast with assassin abilities when in a group for