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Dragon Nest Modded APK – God Mode

Dragon Nest Modded APK is a game hack for the Saint Haven (v1.1) release of the Android adaptation of the game. It features 3 different hacks; God Mode, 3x Increased Speed, and Damage hack. You will need a rooted device

Dragon Nest: How to Gold farm at level 50

It’s still not too late if you still want to start earning some decent gold in Dragon Nest SEA. Know that the information this guide refers to may change due to patches, but the core information will be invaluable to

Dragon Nest: How to get a Perma Mount for Free

In Dragon Nest, mounts are not really needed for most players, rather they tend to be vanity items. Mounts can only be used in towns and nearby vicinities. It is possible to run faster in a town, but you can

Dragon Nest: How to get the Speed Terminator title

Speed Terminator is a collection title, meaning you should first collect different titles for you to unlock. Basically all the titles involve completing the required dungeon under the required difficulty again under a required time.

Dragon Nest Gold Farming Tips

We are going to teach you how to earn 5000 to 6000 gold at level 50. If you only have one character, this is a fair amount of gold. We're going to begin with some tips and where to go,

Dragon Nest T4: Pikachu’s PvE Cleric Priest Saint Build

The is a saint build, is a PVE support base. It builds on the following classes: Cleric, Priest, and Saint. Generally, the damaging skills are more sp efficient at level 6, 11, 16 and 21.

Dragon Nest: Pyromancer or Saleana Build and Skills

Compiled by Chaose5 Pyromancers (aka Saleana) is the 2nd class advancement (3rd job) of Fire-element based elemental lords. Often people would infer to this class as the more PvE oriented type, due to their very high DPS and Crit. Pyromancers

Dragon Nest: Proper Frag Farming

What is Frag farming? Frag farming, is acquiring dimensional crystal fragments, over and over again. You achieve this, by Running any level 9-23 Dungeons (at the current cap) on Abyss difficulty, and using a Dimensional Key to open the silver bunny, to

Dragon Nest: How to obtain Average Onyxes

This guide will teach you the best way to obtain Average Onyxes. You will need crude onyxes and octagonal water. Know when, how, who, and where to obtain them. While you are running your frag party group, you will notice

Dragon Nest: How to Farm Ordinary Jewels

There are 3 easy way of farming jewels and all of them involves getting a Jewel Pouch that contains either random jewels or an Octagonal Crystal. You can go farm Circus's Coupon to exchange for a Sander's Hidden Jewel Pouch

Dragon Nest: AuphMihox Gamehack for SEA v65.2

This is a simple Game Hack for Dragon Nest, which will remove the Cooldown and Animation, then give you a Wallhack and allow you to ZoomOut beyond what the game would normally do. This file has been scanned for infections,

Dragon Nest: How to Play a Sorceress guide

The Sorceress is an interesting class. They have virtually no armor and their HP is relatively low in comparison to other classes. They're squishy, like Archers are. On the other hand, they're very powerful with their magical attacks. They don't

Dragon Nest: How to get Comet Dust

Comet dusts, currently sell for around 40g/100 and are obtained via extraction or disassembling. Basically, you disassemble an upgraded equipment through the disassembler located outside any town. Once you click disassemble, comet dusts will come out of the disassembler in

Dragon Nest: Full Support Priest build

This is a full support priest build. With this build your team mates love you! Its easy to party because everyone wants you anywhere. It can be used in PvP, since it's mostly support. There are a few damaging spells,

Dragon Nest: Anti-Afk AutoHotKey macro script

This script loops the "L" key every 3-5 seconds to prevent being kicked for being AFK. It allows you to sit in Endless Charge rooms for hours or possibly even days at a time. Please note, you cannot have Dragon

Dragon Nest: Swordmaster Hybrid Skill Build

The build below is actually for lvl 40 full hybrid Magic Swordmasters who want to learn the magic-based lv 40 skill. The build will also be changed when 2nd advancement is out due to some skill requirements in the 1st advancement tree. However, a

Dragon Nest – Video: How to make lots of Gold

Dragon Nest: Enhancement Crest List

Enhancement Crest Health (+ Vitality) Health Crest is to increase the Vitality. By increasing the vitality, it can help to improve your character's Max HP, Physical Defence and Stun Resist.  PS. The percentage is always counted first, and then it adds up

Dragon Nest: Exceptionally Strong Gladiator build

So, what are Gladiators you ask? Well... they are fun as heck slice and dice heroes who deal great consistant damage while looking awesome! Hopefully this guide will be of some use to you fledgling warriors though! 

Dragon Nest: Final damage (FD) Explanation and Calculation

Final damage (FD) is a mysterious stat to many players, old or new because the game never really explain much about it. Before the sea dragon patch, final damage used to be calculated in this way: Each hit + x final damage

Dragon Nest Videos: 1-10 Fast Leveling Guide

These videos shows you how to get to level 10 in Dragon Nest step by step, quickly.