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SWTOR: Trooper Fact Sheet and videos

info collected by the community, compiled by Narboon Trooper  "Cutting-edge Special Forces ... Advanced strike teams ... comprised of only the most talented and disciplined soldiers—a new breed of elite Republic Troopers." “If you’re a player that just wants to

Crusade of Destiny RPG for Android

Crusade of Destiny Someone has finally brought a nice RPG, to the Android phone.  It's not an epic RPG, but it is on the road to making the Android, a more viable gaming platform. Crusades of Destiny, is a rather

New Site… Android DLs

I just made a new site, and it's a work in progress.  It's for Android Cell Phone users.  It's because I realized after about 3 hours of futzing with Skype's site and the Android Marketplace, that there had to be

FYI: Browse this site, from your mobile phone

In case you didn't already know it, you are able to browse this site from your mobile phone.  We have had this feature for the last 6 months, but I wanted to make sure you knew this, if you are

WoW: Play World of Warcraft (or any other mmo) on your Android?

Want another great reason to get an Android over an iPhone?  How about if you can play WoW (or any other game) on it? Depending on which Android based phone you have, it may alter how well you can play

StarWars Galaxy: 35 Modifier Bit exploit

Quite simply, when you have 17 Constitution in one socket, and 25 Constitution in another on the same piece, it gets "merged" into a single stat- so we see two single separate stats instead of one- in this case, 42

StarWars Galaxies: Tenebous Edge Macro

Pull out a droid. Make this macro and name it steal. /target nandina /pause .2 ...