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Daily Mount Kills Drop List – WoW

There are several mobs which should be encapsulated in a Daily Mount Kills Drop List. This list, will provide you with various mobs which you should hunt down and kill on each of your characters. They have the potential to drop rare

Easy Dungeon Mount Farming – WoW

This Easy Dungeon Mount Farming Method for World of Warcraft, uses a WoW Cheat to allow you to reset the dungeon instance and then pop right back into the same instance at the same place. Essentially this Easy Dungeon Mount Farming WoW

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop – Archeage

Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop - Archeage Library

Inside the Library you will find a Rare NPC Epic Loot Drop, but when I say rare, I mean it. It's a rare spawn which happens sometime in the next 2.5 days. When will it spawn? Well, 2.5 days after the last time

Path of Exile: Understanding the Mechanics of Monster Level

In Path of Exile, each map has a fixed monster level which you can see on the top right corner of the screen when you press Tab. The monster level in the map you are playing, sets many things including

Path of Exile: Large Chest Static Location

Having a way to always determine when and where a particular item is, is a great feat. In this one, we show you exactly what to look for, when determining if there is a Large Chest on this level to

Path of Exile: Quest Gem Reward List

If you have ever wondered exactly where to get a specific Gem, then this is the list for you. It will break down which area, drops which gem, so that you can easily find the gem you want, when you

WoW: How to Farm Ashes of Al’ar quickly exploit

In World of Warcraft, Ashes of Al'ar has a 1%-2% drop chance. If done the normal way of farming this mount, it will take you upto 1 year to get one, if you farm them with a group of 25.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Farming Spot – Legendaries and Epics galore

I wasn't going to share this, as I actually had 12 accounts farming this spot, but now that I am down to only 4 accounts farming, I decided that I could share it after-all. This is the ultimate spot to

Diablo 3: Farming the Dank Cellar

The Dank Cellar is a chance to spawn cellar just before you reach the ruins of Old Tristram. It has a rare quilbeast with a few adds. They drop around 3k gold, and two blues each time without any Gold

SWTOR: Ultimate Credit Farming spot for Sith

Ok, so you obviously need a Sith for this. You are also going to need a level 45+ character. At level 50, it becomes much easier to farm this spot. Some people have reported making millions each day. It doesn't

Starcraft 2 – video: How to do Baneling Carpet Bombs

This is a video guide describing the proper way of loading banelings into overlords and dropping them on your opponents army. It's a great way to get slightly beyond the enemy lines, which are usually the most defensed part of

Rift: Ensure no competition for eT1 and eT2 drops

This is a sneaky way, to ensure that you will receive no competition when running PUGs, on the drops for your class. This in turn guarantees that should something drop, which you can use, that you get the item.

Rift: Warrior Skull Helm

Have you seen the skull helm? Or maybe you just want one to intimidate your enemies in PvP? As it turns out, there is one in the game. Unfortunately, it's from a rare mob, which means you will either have

Drop Rates, and how they apply to item farming

Mathematical probabilities can get a little confusing sometimes. So with that in mind, here is some information: A 1% drop rate means that each individual kill, you have a 1 in 100 chance to see a particular item drop. In other

Aion: Know where every mob, quest, or trade skill item drops

If you use one of our skill leveling guides, and you don't feel like buying all your items so you can save some Kinah. Instead you want to gather some of them, then this is the ultimate database for you.