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Rift: Rare mob finder macros

On the following 2 pages is a compiled list for you to make macros and assign then to buttons so you can easily target rare mobs all over Telara's world. Name each macro / button to something like "free_rare", "Silver_Rare",

Rift: Complete Artifact Location Maps – every zone

Every artifact location in Rift, is a static spawn location. This means that eventually, each and every artifact is going to respawn at the same location. On well traveled paths, this means that those will be picked up quickly. On

Rift: Ancient Wardstone Quest – Grab and Go walkthrough

This quest is actually a bit annoying, as you have to figure out from clues where to go. The biggest clue is the map, which shows that the quest item is in the town of Lantern Hook. Unfortunately, it seems

Rift: Make upto 400 Plat Daily

With a few professions, and the correct instructions you can make 200p, 300p, even 400p everyday. It's not that hard, and really all we need to do is AoE some mobs in the Droughtlands to get started. Just remember, time

Zone Defiant Achievements Guide 3 of 5

An amazingly in-depth guide, describing how to get all of the Zone Achievements for Defiants in Rift. This guide is part 3 of 5 of the complete list to Defiant Achievements. This portion will cover the different zones; Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield,