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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips – WoW

Mythic+ Strategies and Tips will guide you through each of the fights and what to do, based on your character class. No more guessing, or watching videos from a different class that has no bearing on the fight for you.

RAF Druid Leveling Exploit

Ok, this RAF Druid Leveling Exploit is only going to work, when you are multiboxing or leveling up with friends who are all druids. This might also work with a druid, but I haven't fully tested in with them. The key

AFK Leveling Druid to 110 – WoW Cheat

It's possible to go Druid AFK Leveling to 110 with No Bots. I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it - but it does work. The WoW Cheat I am going to share will net you about 500exp

Timewalking Druid Damage Increase

This Timewalking Druid Damage Increase only works when you are doing Timewalking dungeons. Unlike some other damage increasers this one will only work for a druid. But, instead of being debuffed like the rest of the people who do Timewalking dungeons,

Druid Flying Cat Form Trick – WoW

It's possible to gain a Druid Flying Cat Form Bug, using a little trick. It should be noted that when you do this, others will also see you in your Druid Flying Cat Form as well, so it's not just a glitch

Druid Hobgoblin Token Deck

Druid Hobgoblin Token Deck

I imagine that this Hearthstone Druid Hobgoblin Token Deck, will take many by surprise. In fact when I saw the win rate, I was not only surprised, but rather amazed. 473 of 500 wins is an amazing feat to say the

WoW: Druid in-game Macro to allow for easier exploration

A simple in-game macro which will allow you to have an easier time glitching through the ceiling, ledge or other high up place you want to explore.

WoW: Druid Tricks

I have 3 nice tricks and an exploit for all you druids who still play World of Warcraft. A couple of them can even be used in PvP so don't be surprised if you come across an invincible Bear form

WoW: Healing in PvP guide

Healing in World of Warcraft is one of the most important factors when in PvP. Arena Healing and PvP healing are two very different things hoever. When in the arena it is necessary to choose much more between offense and

WoW: Skillcapped Class Guides – Videos only

These are some of the Skillcapped Class video guides. What is skill capped? Lets let them tell you... "Whether you are brand new to World of Warcraft or a seasoned arena veteran, our comprehensive training library of videos and articles

DDO: 6 year anniversary bringing changes, new class, new maps

Turbine's DDO is getting some huge updates in 2012 to rebuild the ailing MMO’s player base.  The game, based on the tabletop classic Dungeons & Dragons, will receive a new map area of Forgotten Realms and Underdark.  This setting will

WoW: Druid, Fun Way to farm gold – 600g/hour

There are obviously more profitable ways to farm gold, but this has got to be one of the most fun ways to do it. Better yet, you don't need Cataclysm to do it, but since it's part of a quest,

Rift: Over Powered Cleric Build

written by Spitt of TelaraLeveling.com I have leveled thus far to 31. The OP DPS Build seems to be Cabalist, Sentinel, Druid. I am able to solo 2-4 same level mobs, healing and AOE killing at the same. This is

Rift: Soul Trees = 224 Combinations of Builds

If you haven't had a chance to play Rift, then understand that this game is a lot like Warhammer with Public Quests and Character Customization. In some ways, it's like WoW, but in a lot of ways it's like Rift.

WoW: Anti-Dispell Druid Spell – Swarm

This is a little trick thought up by dazzidrood, which will allow you to cast 2 Swarm spells on someone. It's more a trick then anything else, because the person being hit by the swarm, will only receive damage from

WoW: Cataclysm Beta Class Changes and Lore

The NDA has been lifted, and the Cataclysm beta has begun! -NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) NDA's generally stop people from legally disclosing information about a certain project. In this case the Cataclysm Expansion! Originally Posted by Blizzard BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT BEGINS

WoW: How much Damage

A friend recently turned me onto random dungeons, as I told him I was getting a bit tired of WoW.  I have been playing since the stress tests on the servers, which was pre-release. So imagine my surprise, to actually

Lua Ninja: Druid Macros

Lua Ninja, is only for World of Warcraft. It is recommended that you use Super Duper Macro, with this, in order to maximize length of macros. Druid Macros Written by Elitetech Druid Remove Curse & Abolish macro /run t="raid"; nps=1;

Lua Ninja: Hunter Macros

Lua Ninja, is only for World of Warcraft. It is recommended that you use Super Duper Macro, with this, in order to maximize length of macros. Hunter Macros Written by Elitetech Marksmanship Hunter DPS cycle /run if not UnitDebuff("target", "Serpent

WoW: The End of Ninja Looting

Unfortunately, there are some classes which will be penalized by this action - mainly Druids, but also some Shamans and also Holy Paladins.