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Dugi Ultimate WoW Guide download

It's now 2018, and  if you're planning to level up, prior to the next expansion release, then it's time you get off your arse and start leveling up. Don't worry, it's easy. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me that you

WoW Leveling Guides – Free Download

These days, there are two definitive WoW Leveling Guides one being Zygor's Leveling guide and the other being Dugi's leveling guide. There are of course more then these 2 WoW Leveling Guides, but these are the more popular.  WoW Leveling Guides Today,

Ultimate WoW Guide Addon – Free Download – Includes Demon Hunters

Have you been looking for Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon? It's one of the best WoW leveling guides on the market today. It easily compare's to Zygor's and in some ways may be even better - but that is up to

Dugis WoW Leveling Addon LEGION

Dugis WoW Leveling Addon v7.404 is the complete leveling guide for both Alliance and Horde and includes many other guides, including professions, Dailies, and Dungeon Guides. It has gone through a few changes over the years. It's almost funny if

WoW: Dugi’s Gold and Auction House Guides

Dugi, is one of the most well known guide writers today. He easily comes in at a close second behind Zygor's both in the amount of guides sold as well as the speed at which the level cap is reached.

Dugi’s In Game Leveling Guide


VIP Guides Updates for WoW and Rift

VIP Members will be able to download the latest updates for Zygor's, Dugi's, and Xerxes' leveling guides for WoW and Rift. If you like these guides, please consider purchasing them. Purchasing these guides support the authors as well as brings

World of Warcraft: In Game Leveling & Dailies/Events Guides

VIP Members, can get these for free. These are 2 leveling guides which are well known, and another which claims to get peeps 1-85 in 5-8 days. These include leveling, dailies, events, and profession guides.

World of Warcraft: Guides Updates

If you purchased Zygor's guide or Dugi's guides you should be seeing some updates today. Of course if you are a user of Penn's Alliance guide or Joana's Horde guide the fix for these would also be in the works.

WoW: Dugi’s Complete 1-85 Leveling Guide, special price

If you haven't already bought a 1-85 leveling guide, then keep in mind that Dugi's 1-85 Leveling Guide is on sale now, through Nov 30th. You can buy the complete 1-85 leveling guide, including the all new reworked 1-60 guide,

WoW: Leveling Guide Spectacular Offer!

The truth is, these offers are expired. Both Dugi and Zygor now charge $8 a month for their leveling guides. But, as a member of this site, you can get both of the current guides for free, just by being

World of Warcraft: Aiding the Earthen Ring, Video Guide

If you haven't noticed... Phase 2 of Blizzard Pre-Cataclysm event is now live! This quest line is very short, so I thought a video guide is more appropriate to save you the hassle of updating an ingame dailies guide, check

Dugi’s Complete Ultimate WoW Guide

We have worked hard to compile the BEST quest order possible, providing you with the correct route that will save you massive amount of time. Doing 3 or more quests at the same time is much better than doing 1 quest at

WoW: Midsummer Fire Festival tips + in-game guide

Here's an in-game guide, which will show you step by step instructions for the Midsummer Fire Festival, we also have some tips which will help all levels to achieve easier fire blooms, and more.

World of Warcraft (WoW): Dugi’s Leveling, Dungeon, & Dailies guide

Earlier I had mentioned finding some guides, what I meant was I also found Dugi's Leveling guide as well.  I tested it in game, and found that it contains the following... Dugi's Leveling Guide, Dugi's Dungeon Guide, and Dugi's Dailies