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Car Dupe Exploit Method – GTAV

For those looking for the Car Dupe Exploit in GTA5, here it is. Over the last few days, I have been teaching you how to clean dirty dupe plates and keep your account safe from being flagged for selling duped

Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit – Fixed

Dupe Exploit

A while back, there was an Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit, which would allow you to use one, and still keep one on your account. It seems that the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploitt might be back after the recent patch. However

DayZ Dupe Complete Inventory exploit

Dupe Complete DayZ Inventory exploit

In order to do the DayZ Dupe Complete Inventory, you are going to need to follow some steps, outlined below. It seems to work about one out of every 4 times, but if it takes you a few more times

Diablo 3: Working Gold and Item Dupe

Warning: If you get caught you might get banned, use with caution and only use this 1-2 times. However, if you follow the directions exactly, you won't get caught. This dupe will copy not only all your gold, but all

SWTOR: Unconfirmed Dupe Bug

This is a PvP warzone unconfirmed Loot Dupe. This may or may not work for you - may work for some. We need multiple people to test to confirm.

SWTOR: Infinite “Credit Dupe”

I put that "Credit Dupe", wrapped in quotes for a reason. It no longer exists. As you might have imagined, I have a few subscriptions to other sites, all over the place. One of them is to the website, which