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Planet Nomads Early Access Game Hack

Planet Nomads Early Access Game Hack was created to be used with v0.7.1 of the game, but may work with later versions. What is Planet Nomad? Thus far, it's much like Ark Survival, except the premise is you are a

Fragmented Game Hack – Early Access Release

If you play Fragmented, or have thought about playing, then you might want to use this Fragmented Game Hack to not only level up faster, but to avoid damage, while at the same time inflicting maximum damage. I know it's a

Elder Scrolls Online Early Access Schedule & Release Date


Elder Scrolls Online Early Access Schedule is set to start happening on March 30th. That's less then one week away. If you haven't already purchased Elder Scrolls Online, you can do so now. Keep in mind, you need the digital download

The Secret World: Early Access Download

 Just a little heads up, for those who are awaiting The Secret World by Funcom, you can download their Beta Client, which will automatically patch to the Early Access Client (and presumably the Release version). Early Access starts Friday the 29th!

Tera Online: Guaranteed Beta Access with pre-order announced

The items for Tera Online's base game and digital collectors items have been announced, as well as the pricing for the game. The Tera Online base price will be $50, and will gain you the following items; Beta Access Early

SWTOR: Early Access Starts Today – General Stats

I'm not really sure how many people got the invites, nor how many people will be playing SWTOR, but I did find it interesting that Bioware boasted that at one point there were 2 million players simultaneously playing on their

SWTOR: Use your Early Access code ASAP

So if you happened to pre order Star Wars The Old Republic then you are in luck for the extra early access that is now set to start December 15. Bioware has stated that the access will be staggered. This imho is