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Making Real Money from Online Games

It's really easy to start Making Real Money from Online Games, but it starts with a will to make the money and to do the work. I used to make $5000 a month, and it had nothing to do with

Free Game Guide via Amazon – $50 worth

Here's a tip on how to get a Free Game Guide via Amazon, with a $50 value. Note that these are physical guides which you can obtain, but includes free shipping, since you will hit the threshold for free shipping

Albion Online Strategy eGuide download

You need this Albion Online Strategy eGuide, if you're playing Albion online and seemingly floundering. Getting to Tier 7 seem might seem impossible. Are you and your character strong enough to take control of territories? Would you like to have

HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development eBook

Today I am sharing with you an eBook which goes over HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development. It can either help you to start making HTML5 multiplayer games or to transition from a single player game to multiplayer. This is not a

100 Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy eBooks Oct 1 & 2

I have 100 Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy eBooks which are only free on October 1 and October 2. Do you like to read? Me too! But I love reading new authors and even more so, for free. Each of these

5 Pokemon eGuides – Free PDF Download

The other day, I released 1 PDF guide, and it got me to thinking... why not release some more. So I purchased these 5 Pokemon eGuides available around the net, converted them to PDF, and put them up on our hosts

Farmville: Full Download Farmville Secrets eBook PDF

I have found it a bit annoying when you finally decide to purchase a guide to learn to play a game better, only to fund out that the guide is crap. So, instead of telling you how great Farmville Secrets

WoW: Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide – PDF Download

By now, you've probably seen the amount of ads which I post for Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold guide, but maybe you don't realize why I post the ads. For the most part, it's because of the quality of the guide.

DOTA 2: Play Like a Pro Comprehensive Guide

If you read and follow this guide, we’ll transform you to a competitive player and assure dramatic improvement after executing these simple lessons grouped into 5 chapters which I’ve specially prepared and carefully selected! These 5 chapters are as follows.

Marvel Heroes: Jean Grey Guide

This guide is intended to aid new players of Jean Grey or help those that are having trouble with her. Jean Grey is the telekinetic/telepathic, supportive backbone of the X-men team. Being Omega class, her potential is near limitless, and

Marvel Heroes: Gearing Up Information Guide

Gearing in Marvel Heroes is a lot different than most other MMO’s, so it can lead you to be confused about what is the best way to gear your character. This guide will break it down so that you can

Marvel Heroes – SHIELD Guide – don’t buy it!

The things I do for you guys! Some site owners find other people's posts of a guide and then share it with their members... I just buy the damned things. So here's what I found with the Marvel Heroes' S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Heroes Hero Guide – Full PDF eBook Download

Why download this Marvel Heroes Hero Guide - Full PDF eBook? To answer, we need to ask a few more questions... Are other players taking advantage of you because talent-wise, they're better equipped than you? Has your hero succumbed to numerous humiliating

Neverwinter: PVP Guide Full eBook Download

Download, read, and enjoy this full eBook guide on Neverwinter and it's PVP system. Learn about how best to play your Great Fighter, Trickster Rogue, or Control Wizard. You will learn about their armors and powers, along with the best

Neverwinter: KG Leveling Guide – Full eBook Download

For our members, we have procured a leveling guide created by KG for Neverwinter. As far as I can tell it's the only leveling guide out there... it's not the best I admit, but for those who had thought of

Defiance PvP Downloadable eBook Guide

This PDF Guide on Defiance PvP could cost you as much as $30, if you purchased it elsewhere. As a VIP Member, you get this guide just for being a member here. We did the dirty work and purchased it,

Starcraft 2: Shokz Guide & Video Guide Sale

Shokz Guide Sale Heart of the Swarm has been out for a little over a month and since its release the staff at Shokz has been working on adding new Heart of the Swarm strategies, guides, builds, and videos to

Defiance Guru – Download eBook Sample Guide

Here's what Defiance Guru promises... Defiance Strategy Guide Gives You A Step By Step Mission Guide, Shows You How To Get A HUGE EGO Rating Fast & Dominate With The Best Weapon Builds, EGO Powers and Perks... Get A Headstart

Defiance Guru: Weapons and Mods

Every weapon, and every mod for those weapons, is available in the Defiance Guru Weapons and Mods guide. Learn about the weapons themselves, the pros and cons of each of them, and then learn how to mode them, or even

Defiance Guru: Quick Start Guide – Full Download ebook pdf

Defiance Guru is pretty much the only guide out there made specifically for Defiance. With the crackdown of crappy guides by Clickbank, a lot of guide writers aren't producing guides anymore - this is a good thing, I assure you.

Perses Modern Warfare 3 Dominance Guide eBook Full Download

PERSES guide is a complete written AND video guide that will help you dominate COD MW3 fast. This is the only guide that gives you a COMPLETE VIDEO walkthrough for the campaign, co-op and multiplayer missions as well as written