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WoW: Runeblade Enchant Weapons for Alts trick

There is a small trick which you can use with low level Alts. This is only meant for Death Knight character alts. It won't work for other classes.

WoW: Client Side Model Changer Tool

This tool, was written for the x86 players in mind, meaning it does NOT support running on 64 bit Windows, nor on a Mac. However it will allow you to change the skin on your character, the glow of your

WoW: MoP Ore Shuffling Spreadsheet

A couple days ago, we released a Cooking Shuffle spreadsheet to help you calculate costs and profits. This one is for Ore and Glyphs, allowing you to do shuffling in order to maximize your profits creating with Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting

WoW: Enchanting Scrolls Spreadsheet

This World of Warcraft Enchanting Scrolls spreadsheet will compare costs versus selling prices to determine if there is a profit to be made. The first page will give you the instructions on how to use this sheet, then all the information

WoW Gold Tip: Farming Ice Avatars

If the following items have a high price or are in low supply on your realm, you will want to continue reading. Globe of Water Essence of Water Elemental Water 

WoW: Make 20k Gold in 7 Days with Enchanting

Everyday someone purchases heirlooms, and most of the time, they want them enchanted too. Most of the weapon enchants are rare and people don't either have the materials, time or even the knowledge of them. This allows enchanters to make

World of Warcraft: Unholy Death Knights: How To Guide in 4.0.6

In 4.0.3 Unholy DKs saw themselves torn between dual wield and 2h viability.  In 4.0.6 that all changes.  Some changes to our mastery are also being factored in so with all these changes, what is a Death Knight to do?

Lineage 2: 90% Success Rate on Enchantments

This will increase your enchanting success rate to 90%, it is an exploit, so use due caution. If a GM is nearby, DO NOT be stupid and use it in front of the GM. Instead wait him out, or come

WoW: Rogue PvP Guide

by dea About the author: I've played rogue since season 2 back in TBC. I've gotten +2,3k in Tbc, mostly as mage/rogue and rmp. In Wotlk, I've reached over 2,5k ratings. I've been always pvp'ing. Ok. Let's get to the

World of Warcraft: Complete list of enchantments

If you are like me, you have probably looked at wow-heroes often, to see what will get you a better score for PvE.  The problem is, they pretty much generalize what they think is best for you... and maybe for

World of Warcraft: Death Knight money making

With the introduction of Death Knights a huge number of moneymaking methods have opened up to people that do not have the patience nor the time to level an alt just to max out a profession. Death Knights start out