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Troll Crown Chemical Company Instance

Today, we're going to teach you to Troll Crown Chemical Company Instance Players. I admit it. It won't happen often, but once in a while, I like to troll. I will sometimes troll in trade chat, sometimes in zone chat, but more

Twisted Carousel Ram Mount – Free 155% mount

Today is the final day to obtain the Twisted Carousel Ram Mount for Rift characters. It's a 155% mount which can be acquired for 5 Doubloons (event currency). I am not sure if it's a glitch, cheat, or intended, but you

Ultimate WoW Guide Addon – Free Download – Includes Demon Hunters

Have you been looking for Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Addon? It's one of the best WoW leveling guides on the market today. It easily compare's to Zygor's and in some ways may be even better - but that is up to

1000 Lovely Charms Hourly – WoW

There is a really simple way to farm 1000 Lovely Charms Hourly in World of Warcraft. Strangely enough, all you need to do is create a low level character to farm them for you, and mail the items to whichever character

Permanent Ram Racing Reigns – WoW

Ohhh neat trick here - Permanent Ram Racing Reigns. This is a brewfest item, which usually has a short time to use them. Normally, you only get these reigns for 4 minutes, but with this trick, you will be able to

Rift: Closing the Nature Based Corgi Rift easier trick

I really have disliked the Corgi Rift. I like it a lot better, now that I know a trick to closing it faster, without barking up the wrong tree. This little trick, will allow you to kill all the mobs

WoW: Mind Control peeps on Timeless Isle – Easy Kills

There are so many uses for Mind Control on the Timeless Isle (make people drop off cliffs or aggro mobs etc). The best one though is mind-controlling people during the Pirate Ship event, causing them to burn to death. This

GW2: 4 Black Lion Keys per Hour Cheat

The Black Lion Chest is getting a spooky upgrade for Halloween. Between October 23 and November 5 each Black Lion Chest you open has a chance to give you one of six exclusive Halloween-themed weapon skins! You can get through

GW2: Halloween Event Guides

Rather then reposting someone else's works, I am just going to link to some different resources and quote some information for you regarding the GW2 Halloween Event.

GW2: Speculation regarding the Haloween Event & Gold making

With the announcement that Black Lion Chests would contain Halloween skins for weapons the price of the chests jumped from 3c to nearly 40c, It has now settled to around 19c-22c. I know that some players had ridiculous quantities of

WoW: Hallow’s End Gold Guide

Its that time again. Hallow's end is here for all the trick or treaters. Not much has changed this year. The weapons and gear are of ilvl 470 quality and the minimum level requirement is 89 to get into the

Rift: Autumnal Event is over – now what?

OK, so the Autumnal Event is over, we collected artifacts and mounts, so now what? Now, we go back to playing in our normal lives, hunting with our friends on Greybriar, downing bosses, and waiting. We're waiting for the expansion

Rift: Autumnal Harvest Ends Today

If you have been collecting artifacts or doing other daily quests trying to earn your way to a spectral mount, then you really need to log in and get whatever you need, taken care of. The event ends in a

Guild Wars 2: Free to use Simple Event Pixel Bot

This bot was created to simply sit in an event area and tab to a mob, then attack it. It doesn't move, and it doesn't run around erratically. Additionally, it won't even loot. Most people won't even realize it's a

GW2: Free to Use Event Bot

Here is a great little Guild Wars 2 Event Bot. This GW2 event bot will just do the events for you. You will need to be in a 1920x1080 res for this bot to work. If you don't have that

GW2: Speed up WvW Dolyak caravans

Dolyak caravans are slow and annoying. While we can't take out the annoyance factor, we are able to speed these behemoths up a bit, making it much easier to complete objectives for WvW events.

TSW: New Content, New Event – Anniversary Celebration

It's an exciting time for The Secret World players, as new content is being released as well as freebies! In this case it's in the form of Fireworks. While it's always fun to set these babies off, we recommend holding

Rift: Easy Weekly Event Quests

This cheat will allow you to easily complete weekly quests for the events. You can do this trick with each and every alt you have, and never have to worry about finding a group or hours of farming to complete

Rift: Event Starts, Allows purchase of previous events items

There is a new event in Rift, which just started. For those of you who never got in the game, when everything started, you might not have been able to purchase any of the items from the first few events.

Prepare for the Rift Event: Extra Life

If you haven’t heard about this, it is basically people pledging to play video games for 24 hours straight for charity. In this case the charity is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  If you participate you get an In-Game Title (2

Rift: The Blight event tip

During the Death Rift event, The Blight, the object of the game is to gather cannonballs, to shoot at shields which protect the death bosses from being attacked. It's in most people's minds, that to do this quickly, they need