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Max Tabard Reputations Easily – WoW

Imagine if it were possible to Max Tabard Reputations Easily and quickly in World of Warcraft. It is, and it takes a little bit of patience with any tabard which you can gain reputation by killing or running dungeons. However does

Neutral to Exalted Sha’tari Defense Rep 3 hours – WoW

Neutral to Exalted Sha'tari Defense Rep

It's now possible to go from Neutral to Exalted Sha'tari Defense Rep in 3 hours. Gaining Exalted Sha'tari Defense unlocks and opens the ability to purchase a rare mount, Armored Irontusk, companion; Sky Fry, and tabard; Sha'tari Defense, and follower; Vindicator Heluun. Overall, the gear is nothing

Path of Exile: Rare Exalted items for less

There’s only a one in 500 chance that you will get an extremely rare Exalted item with this method. But that chance might be well worth it for some. Especially considering the amount of items we drop on a regular

WoW: Gold Flipping on Transmorgification items

Here's the list of items that you can either farm and sell or buy off the AH and flip. Items are listed by priority and have the prices I've been listing and selling. Don't pay any attention to bracers because most

WoW: Easy Exalted Sporeggar

I once knew a guy who did exalted with Sporeggar with every single high level character. He wanted the tabard and the pet.  That was his thing.  He would buy anything from anyone to get his reputation higher with them.