Igneous Flameling Harvesting

Igneous Flameling HarvestingThere is still some time to do some last minute Igneous Flameling Harvesting. To collect each one can take 50 minutes to a bit over an hour and is done with class trials on a mage. You have another couple days to collect as many as possible during the Midsummer Fire Festival. They each cost about 350 Burning Blossoms.

Save them for a month or two, and then sell them for 70k to 100k gold. Currently, Igneous Flameling's are hovering in price at 40k gold per each. You can check the price on your server via AHPrices.com.

Igneous Flameling Harvesting

To begin Igneous Flameling Harvesting, go ahead and follow Archvaldor's video guide below.

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

How many did you catch with your Igneous Flameling Harvesting? Enquiring minds want to know. Leave a comment below.

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer – GTAV

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell TimerIf you've got a PC, you can Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer with a couple batch files. It allows you to sell duped cars, at full market value instead of waiting for the cooldown timer which gets you flagged as a dirty duper.

If you don't have a PC, you'll need to use the method posted here and just watch your timing.

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer

These steps to Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer at Los Santos Customs is coming to you free, but you'll need to be a member to get the batch files. You can however still use this exploit to bypass the timer, you just have to figure out another way to pull off the exploit (shouldn't be that hard). 

  1. Drive your PV into LSC
  2. Sell your car and wait until your character spawns outside.
  3. Verify that the money was added to your bank account and force close GTA5 and GTAVLauncher the second you spawn outside. You have to force close the game before the little saving icon appears on the bottom right, which usually takes 3-5 seconds once you spawned outside. 
  4. Restart the game and repeat steps.

Obviously you must not have hit the daily limit already in order to sell a car. But this way you will not reach your limit and you can sell any number of cars you want.

Here are two scripts which might be helpful to automate the process of force closing GTAV and restarting it i.e. by assigning a key to that file and executing it by a keystroke. 

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

Let us know if this method to Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer worked for you, by leaving a comment below.

Archvaldor Warcraft Hack Videos

Archvaldor Warcraft Hack Videos is going offline from YouTube. Archvaldor has come under attack from Blizzard for his videos which show off cheats for World of Warcraft. So as a temporary stopgap, we will host all the videos from the last year, as well as some which we feel should not be lost, from the past.

[UPDATE] June 19,2018 - Archavaldor's Warcraft Hack Videos are back online. Also, he made a video thanking supporters (and mentioning this site). Click here to view it. Apparently, the copyright restrictions have been removed, and the videos will continue as normal.

Archvaldor Warcraft Hack Videos

Archvaldor Warcraft Hack Videos

While this copyright notice is at the bottom, we want to remind all the users here, that REGISTERED NAMES AND TRADEMARKS ARE THE COPYRIGHT AND PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. MMOExploiters is not affiliated with any game company. Blizzard Entertainment aka Blizzard Activision owns all the rights to World of Warcraft, we claim no ownership to the videos nor the game represented within.

All of Archvaldor Warcraft Hack Videos will be listed in chronological order, with the newest up top. If Archvaldor wishes to provide us with more videos, they will go on top of the page. Please like, share, and bookmark this post, we will not make any more posts for his videos. We do use a lazy load, which should help keep your bandwidth down, as you won't need to scroll to the bottom, unless you want to leave a comment. Alternatively, you can also register for free and leave a comment in the forums.


Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide


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PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo Play

PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo PlayThis PUBG Easy Win Trick, is pretty simple and is for solo play only. It allows you to team up, when you aren't supposed to be able to, in solo play. Of course when you're doing this, its a good idea to lose once in a while, otherwise someone might notice that you and a buddy always seem to get in the top 5, and report as being suspicious. 

You can only get reported for this PUBG Easy Win Trick, there is no way to prove you're doing it on purpose. It's just coincidence, amirite? But it can be a bannable offense. Just taking some basic precautionary tactics will ensure that you are kept safe. You've been warned.

PUBG Easy Win Trick 4 Solo Play

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

If you manage to get this PUBG Easy Win Trick to work, leave a reply. We like to hear success stories.

Leaderboard Rank Trick – Agario

Leaderboard Rank Trick - AgarioThe Leaderboard Rank Trick, will make a poor player, or a player who cannot play often, rank higher on the Leaderboards. Now, the benefit of opening potions is you get more skins, and the in-game currency, referred to as DNA.

DNA, allows you to open up potions quicker. In order to get DNA, you need to open potions, or rank within the top 10 in your league, 100th in your country, or 100th in the world. Personally, I have made the top 5 in my league for the last 3 weeks, but I am still down around the 150-350 range for my nation, and further down for the world ranking.

Leaderboard Rank Trick

So the Leaderboard Rank Trick is actually pretty easy, and pretty straight forward. It actually also incorporates the last lesson I provided you, How to gather better mystery potions in Agar.io. You might be able to do this once every other week, or maybe you do not need this trick, to rank higher. It really depends on you, and if you need this trick.

In order to use the Leaderboard Rank Trick you need to farm potions of better quality, preferably the yellow or pink, not the green and the blue. This means you need to follow my advice on how to gather better mystery potions. The next thing you need to do, is go through the ordeal of unlocking the potions, but without opening them.  Any time you have a green or a blue potion, knock those out as soon as possible, open them and clear them from your inventory, pay to unlock the little green ones if you want, and have enough DNA.

So once you have 3 of the yellow or pink potions, you want to wait. Wait till the leaderboards clear, and you can open them immediately the following day. Now you have 3 empty slots and you play as normal, farming the better potions. The key, is that you will be well ahead of your compatriots in the same league.

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The is actually one final Leaderboard Rank Trick in Agario, but that would be a dastardly thing to do, and would really mess with the game's stats. You would use a really fast proxy (like the one I have linked above), and then change your country in Agar.io. I mean to even come up with that kind of strategy, would be taking advantage of people with really slow internet connections, like the Phillipines.

Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat – WoW

Mistweaver Monk Arena CheatThis Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat gives you the ability to lay down a couple Healing Spheres, without actually being specc'd in Mistweaver Monk form. While Healing Spheres only last 3 minutes, this can be a nice bonus for your team and could mean the difference between life and death in the games.

Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat

So the first thing to do, is ...

If you missed the instructions, you might not be a VIP member. Click here, to become one today. If you are one, enter your login and password on the upper right login form to login, so you too can check out the newest cheats, guides, and macros - unhindered.

Let us know if this Mistweaver Monk Arena Cheat worked for you, and if it hit it's desired results.

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Get WoW Free Trick – Booster & Expansion Free

Get WoW Free TrickWhat you do with this Get WoW Free Trick is completely up to you, but I suspect that most people will use it to either farm for WoW Gold or to level an account to sell. I do not recommend the former since in all likelihood you will get a bad reputation doing so. However you might be able to sell characters which you transfer to other people in the same area. That might work well - haven't tested it personally. Continue reading "Get WoW Free Trick – Booster & Expansion Free"

Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear – WoW

Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire GearThis method to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear, may get fixed, or it may just flood the market with gear. So farm it now, and if it gets fixed, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones who managed to get this before it becomes nerfed, allowing for maximum profits. Of course there is an off chance that this might not get fixed, in which case, flooding the market with these gears is going to flood the market, in which case you were in it at the beginning, and maximized your profits ahead of time - a possible win-win, if you know this secret...

Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear

You can ''technically'' get at least 3+ Replica transmog items by exploiting the Class Trials feature. Below is a step-by-step guide to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear:You can now buy the replica gear or pets/toys with it for either collection or gold making.

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

We are always looking for feedback. Let us know if this exploit guide on how to Farm Replica Darkmoon Faire Gear, is up to par, by leaving a comment below. Did it work for you, were you able to figure it out easily from the instructions, or is there a key component step missing... we want to know.

WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches – October 2017

Here's a list of WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches which are working as of October 2017 in World of Warcraft. There are a few stipulations, like having one of the toys needed, but I guess that's a bit obvious. 😉 You will see what I mean.

WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches

  1. Shard Of Archstone 0:30
  2. Narcissa's Mirror 1:25
  3. Shushen's Spitoon and Jim Warmkeg's Brew 3:14
  4. Blue Crashin' Thrashin' Racer 4:51
  5. Foxicopter Controller 5:50
  6. Panflute of Pandaria 7:27
  7. Darkmoon Seesaw 9:21
  8. Turnip Punching Bag 10:33
  9. Al-Li's Skymirror 11:26
  10. Logan Heath under Dalaran method

See also Xu-fu's pet battle strategies

Additional WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches 

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Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

Credit to all the exploiters who found the WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches.

An Impossible Foe 200% Damage – WoW Cheat

An Impossible Foe, slay Agatha the Imp MotherAn Impossible Foe - WoW Cheat, just got easier. There is an item which was just released which will give you a 200% damage buff against the Imp Mother. This is not intended! As such it is classified as a WoW Cheat. However it's something which is very new, and will take at least a couple days for Blizzard to patch. The good news, is that its not a major break, so it won't be on Blizzard's high priority list.

An Impossible Foe WoW Cheat

An impressive +200% Damage Multiplier is possible with this An Impossible Foe WoW Cheat!

Buy Zygor's Guides - Always have the latest version

All credit where it is due. We couldn't do it without users like you, who share their cheats with us.

WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster

WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn lvl 110 MobIf you're having some trouble leveling, then this WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn Monster will be a lifesaver. It can also be used to farm for gold, since you will be able to loot repeatedly, as fast as you can mow down the mobs. The creature we'll be farming is going to be an Agonized Spirit.

You will be able to spawn as many of these creatures as you like, as many as you can take on at any given time. Alternatively to take on one and to respawn one, repeatedly.

WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn Monster

There are a couple stipulations to using this WoW Leveling Cheat. First, you need to be able to get to Azsuna, and take on the mobs. You will also need to be in a group. More on this later.

If you found this WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn Monster helpful, please share a link to this post on your favorite social media. Remember, the more people who use this site, the more we share...

Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit

Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit

With this Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit you can put Rock Golems and Gigas (or any type of Dinosaur) on platform saddles and then drop them onto peoples bases. 

This Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit will probably be fixed sooner rather than later, as there is someone who will likely get access just to share and gain a bounty from Wildcard. I personally haven't shared it with them, and choose to share with you, my loyal followers.

As of 18-2-2017 this was working...

Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit

Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit explained:If you enjoyed and used this Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit shared your experiences, or better yet, post an image (host at Imgur).

Ark Survival Evolved Infinite Weight exploit found and shared by user: Confin3d

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit 2x Damage – WoW Cheat

Rogue Stealth Attack ExploitThis new Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit will allow you to stay stealthed for about 20 seconds after your first attack, thus ensuring that all of your attacks will crit when attacking giving you Double Unblockable Damage.

Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit

In order to get this to work, you will need the Subterfuge talent, be stealthed, and be ready to do some serious @$$ wooping! The rest will be easy to seriously harm and possibly kill your enemies, unless they can realize whats happening and throw up some kind of damage shield in time. It's not blockable otherwise, and a CC will not break your stealth.

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WARNING: The Rogue Stealth Attack Exploit which gives you Double Unblockable Damage, is a known cheat and will likely be fixed in the next patch. Use at your own risk.

Overwatch Max XP Trick – 7k XP per match

Overwatch Max XP TrickThis Overwatch Max XP Trick will allow you to gain upto 7k XP per match, which is by far, the fastest way to gain XP in Overwatch. By its nature, it shouldn't be able to be banned for either. You will have to join a 3v3 match, and manage not to die - which is going to be a feat in itself. But if you pull it off, enjoy 7k of XP (or more) everytime you do. 

Don't be surprised if you manage to pull even more XP then 7k - when you do this. Our tests show you should make a hair over it.

Please not while not explicitly an exploit, it can be construed as griefing - so use with your best judgement.

Overwatch Max XP Trick

This Overwatch Max XP Trick should work on consoles as well as PCs, so enjoy! Level 1800 in 3 months? Possible!Did you enjoy this Overwatch Max XP Trick? Let us know with a comment, and don't forget to Like and Share!

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End – WoW Cheat

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians EndIf you want to be able to Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End, you're going to need to be a ranged DPS type character to solo him and use this WoW Cheat. And to be honest, I am not sure it's possible not to solo this, because of the method that we are going to use to summon this boss.

I should mention that you will be able to do this daily or after a few hours, and you're going to avoid all of the other bosses, killing Nefarian and then looting him. There will be nothing else involved, including killing other adds.

Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End explained:

So in order to Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End, we're going to need a ranged character, a few hours downtime, and a character capable of soloing Nefarian. Keep in mind, you won't be taking on Onyxia. You might choose to farm Nefarian for the transmog or for the Illusion: Power Torrent. Other then that, I can't see a good reason to farm Nefarian as even the gear can't be disenchanted for anything too valuable.

Here's how we do it...Rinse/Repeat to easily Repeatedly Farm Nefarians End. Like - Share - Comment!

Mage Spell Stealing cheat – WoW

Mage Spell Stealing cheatThis Mage Spell Stealing cheat is going to allow you to steal as much haste on your mage as you want. I was able to achieve 220% haste - which is unheard of!

Mage Spell Stealing cheat

Before I continue, let me say that it only works in one area, and with one particular mob, as there is no constraints on the amount of times you can spell steal. Your only limitation is that of how many times you can steal the spell before the 2 minute timer runs out.

Demon Hunter Cheats – WoW 7.0.3

Demon Hunter CheatsHere are some Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3 which you will be able to use once you have LEGION up and running or the Demon Hunter class. Most of these are exploration cheats, but there are a few other useful tricks involved here. Watch the video to learn, and then the notes below to learn more which isn't included in the video.

WARNING: Some of these Demon Hunter Cheats can be considered Game Breaking - especially with switching locations with a healer to get them out of harms way. Use these cheats at your own risk, and try to mitigate your losses by not being obvious to others what you are doing.

Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3

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Didn't mention this in the video but the Demon Hunter infernal strike method at 2.05 works for rogue grappling hook and warriors heroic leap also, these are essentially the same abilities for most practical purposes. Three players could win the game in 2 minutes.

This is quite a powerful technique: it seems at first hand you can't do much with these abilities because you get constant "you can't use that here" error messages. The trick is to use the method downhill or at equal height as much as possible and on the very edge of the lip of a slice of rock. It has applications far beyond this battleground.

All credit to Archvaldor for the Demon Hunter cheats/video/additional info


World of Warcraft: Legion - Standard Edition - PC/Mac

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as of 15 August 2018 8:14 am


  • Join Illidan's immortal army
  • Wield a mythic weapon
  • Battle to level 110
  • Boost to Level 100 instantly
  • Available 8/29, Playable 8/30

Low Level PVP God Mode – WoW

Low Level PVP God Mode - World of WarcraftWhat exactly is the Low Level PVP God Mode? If you have a low level character which has under 5000 health - I know you do... then you can get a buff which you can use in PVP which will heal you every couple seconds for 5k in health. To say that this is a game breaking WoW Cheat, would be right on the money - since it's almost impossible to die unless you get hit with something between heals, that hits you for the full amount of your health.

WARNING: The use of WoW Cheats can get you suspended or banned. The first time you get caught, claim ignorance and then be more careful. It's best not to show off too much - and you don't even need to use this in PVP to have this be effective (but it's more fun).

Low Level PVP God Mode Instructions:

credit to advanta for the find.

Did you like this WoW Cheat on receiving this Low Level PVP God Mode? Did it work for you? Post in the comments below and tell us your success story - better yet, make a video (with credit to this site) and share it here.

POE Legacy map texture exploit

Here's a picture of a pre2.0/Legacy map texture within prophecy. There is a simple way to get this POE Legacy map texture exploit - but it's kind of useless, so I figure I should post it publicly, for all to see. 

POE Legacy map texture exploit

I have verified this works, asking various people how they did it, and managed to piece the directions together. Once I figured it out, I went ahead and tested the POE Legacy map texture exploit to confirm it works.

POE Legacy map texture exploit instructions:

  1. The Queen's Vaults Prophecy
  2. Kill atziri
  3. Get the lower iLvl Vaults of Atziri map from the prophecy
  4. Vaal the map for a chance of corrupting it

I've done it 2-3 more times to prove to myself it's how it works. It's the legacy version of Vaults, which is able to get corrupted +1 within the legacy pool of maps. Looks like the prophecy just gives the wrong version of Vaults.

POE Legacy map texture exploit

This POE Legacy map texture exploit has been confirmed that it will be fixed in fixed in 2.3.2 by a lead developer - use it now if you want to.

Overwatch Double Attack Exploit

Overwatch Double Attack ExploitThere are 2 parts to the Overwatch Double Attack Exploit. The first part will be shown in the video below. Watch it, and then read below to see how you can experience a condition which will cause some of your attacks to be doubled. Replays on the other side will show you attacking once, but the person on the receiving end will receive double hits.

Overwatch Double Attack Exploit

Unfortunately, due to it's nature - being a working exploit - this is only for our VIP members. So if you haven't gotten a subscription, do so now, and you will have access to cheats and downloadable guides with no surveys.

With the right tools, this Overwatch Double Attack Exploit will be a game changer to the poorest player - which could get you to higher tiers, and devastating for the top 10%.

Overwatch Cheating Macros

Overwatch Cheating MacrosI should start by saying that these Overwatch Cheating Macros are for specific characters, to do specific things. They won't really work for all characters, but since the code is here, you will probably be able to play with them to see if you can get them to work for more characters. All of these Overwatch Cheating Macros were written in AutoHotKey, which you will need to either install on your computer, or already have installed. You can get it from AutoHotkey.com.

Overwatch Cheating Macros

Overwatch Cheating Macros contains the following AHK macros:

  • Reaper - Reload/Melee
  • Soldier - No Recoil
  • McCree - Right click, No Recoil
  • Reinhardt - Faster Melee

You can get the macros below...

Overwatch Cheating Macros Instructions

  1. Download AutoHotKey and Install
  2. Copy the code (highlight and press ctrl-c)
  3. Paste the code into a text editor (not a wordprocessor - ctrl-v to paste)
  4. Save files with <name>.ahk
  5. Open the file with the .ahk extension. If iy's not already set up as, the default program to open AHK files should be AutoHotKey.


Reaper: It won't auto-reload when you hit, only when you press R. Don't do it when you're shotting, because he will just do a melee attack instead.
Soldier: Works fine.
McCree: I personally didn't see a difference, maybe you will?
Reindhart: It's a bit weird how it looks, and gave me headache with the new animation/character postition.


These Overwatch Cheating Macros were written by paradoxe1978, all credit to the original author.