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WoW Sandbox Exploration Find

This WoW Sandbox Exploration Find, was found under Alcaz Island. It is not currently on live servers and may or may not have been there in previous patches (no real way to tell), or if it is up and coming as

Titan Maelstrom Scenario Exploration – WoW 7.3.5

Here's a harrowing tale of the Titan Maelstrom Scenario Exploration in WoW 7.3.5 which we found interesting. Its a tale of an explorer and the mob which decided to follow him home. This behemoth follows our wary explorer to the edges of

Explore Unseen Maps – WoW PTR (Screenshots Only)

Some might call this Explore Unseen Maps trick a cheat, others simply a change, but over the weekend, you were able to Explore Unseen Maps in the World of Warcraft Private Test Server. It came as a bit of a shock,

Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks

Some of the characters you can play have some Overwatch Jump Exploration Tricks that you can perform, with the usage of some of your weapons. I think my favorite is the use of a rocket launcher, but here are several you

Red Wooden Sled Exploration Trickery – WoW

The Red Wooden Sled Exploration Trickery comes into play when you have 2 high level characters which can be used to explore past invisible walls. The trick portion is to push one player through an invisible wall with the Red Wooden Sled.

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

Explore Under WoW Shipyards

It's fairly easy to Explore Under WoW Shipyards, we can do this with a simple trick to get under the world, and then swim around underneath (see screenshot and instruction below).

Clip Through Walls trick – WoW

Darkmoon Tiger

Using this 2 Man Clip Through Walls trick, you will be able to clip or port through both invisible and solid walls. However when clipping through solid walls, you may get a Line of Sight error. This has been tested

Mor Dhona Ropes Exploration – FFXIV

Mor Dhona Ropes

This Mor Dhona Ropes Exploration in FFXIV video, will show you exactly how to get to the Mor Dhorna Ropes, using jumping and mount jumping techniques. Once at the top of the Mor Dhona Ropes, explore, take screen shots, or

Blink through walls, no mage – World of Warcraft

Assuming you have a friend with a 2 person mount, then it is entirely possible to have your friend help you to blink through walls, without the use of a mage. This is easily done, with just a few steps.

WoW: Glitching Vale of Eternal Blossoms Exploration Video

There are 2 known places in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, where you can glitch your way under or through the environment. One glitch area is in the main city and the other one is at the Mogu'shan Palace. This

WoW: Get Under Isle of Thunder

You can use this for exploration/trolling, or for easier farming (you will need at least one person to loot chests/mobs why the rest of you kill from afar) of the Isle of Thunder. Requirements Level 90 Quest that turns you

Tool: Lag7 – Causes lag on your internet connection

This tool is good for when you want to cause a disruption in the amount of packets being sent to and from your computer to an online game. Uses for this tool include exploration, duping, PVP flag capture, and other

WoW: Horde Only Exploration Video – Two Moons & Seven Stars

This is a scenario exploration for the Horde Only map Dagger in the Dark. It explores both Two Moons and Seven Stars.It shows the areas beyond the fog, which in most exploration videos actually stops further exploration. This video features

ESO: 10 Things we want to know about the game

During the past couple of weeks a load of information concerning The Elder Scrolls Online was released by a few MMO guild and news sites after being granted a hands-on preview of the title. These sites reported on all aspects

GW2: Level 80… So now what?

If you just hit 80, then your lifelong goal is complete, and I kinda pity you, while worshiping you at the same time, however with more people are starting to hit level 80, you are all hitting the same choices.

WoW: Exploring a Submerged House in Menethil Harbour

Exploration video of the Submerged House in Menethil Harbour, sans the disconnect bug. This will teach you hot to get there, and avoid the disconnects associated with exploring this location.

WoW: Explore the Deeprun Tram aquarium area

This is a simple way to get into the Deeprun Tram area between Ironforge and Stormwind. You will be able to go beyond the "glass" and explore or kill the npc's inside, or even loot the chest! However it might

SWTOR: Attack opposite faction base

If you've been wondering how those pesky Empire fanatics got to your base, when it should be nigh impossible, then this will hopefully teach you how. This cheat works for both the Empire and Republic.

Tera Online: Exploration via Wall Climbing exploit

Note: This is a beta exploit which has been made public, and will likely not make it to the release version of Tera Online. However while this is in beta, if you have a beta account, you can use it

Video – Middle Earth Minecraft style

This is an ongoing project to re-create Tolkien's Middle-Earth. The scale is about 1:4 which while still impressive, allows you to cut down the time to about 12 hours of exploration... unless you get lost - which happens to be

Rift: Get under Meridian

This is a exploit and can be used to get underneath Meridian. Perfect for PvP or exploring. It might also be useful in other areas. To do this, you need either Angelic Flight or Mighty Leap.