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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Social Media Database Breaches

Of some concern lately, has been all of the Social Media Database Breaches. If you look around, it will tell you that LinkedIn was recently breached, also there is the possibility of the following: MySpace, VK, Badoo, and Twitter. Heck, even

Force First Spin Wins – MyVegas Cheat

I decided it's time to share how to Force First Spin Wins. Now if you aren't familiar with the First Spin Win rule, let me explain. Any new game which comes out for the Facebook version of MyVegas, will almost always

How to Post Links in Steam Chat

I'm not sure how many people know How to Post Links in Steam Chat nor even how many people even use Steam Chat. These days, most people probably use either Skype or Facebook chat, but if you play games, then you

Trimming MyVegas Friends & Neighbors

Trimming your MyVegas Friends

By now, if you've followed any of my advice, its time to start Trimming MyVegas Friends. Of course, you might not need to do this, but following my own advice, I have many many many "friends" on Facebook. There comes a

Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends – No FaceBook Jail

I have been using a technique to Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends. That is, to invite upwards of 50 people to become friends, a day. I have found a trick, which will allow me to stay out of Facebook Jail - which

MyVegas Facebook on Mobile

Puffin Web Browser

If you want to play MyVegas Facebook on Mobile natively on your Android or iPhone, there are a couple ways to do this. The first way, is to use some kind of Remote Admin Tool (aka RAT) which will allow you to

MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick

MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick

Every time I visit any of the MyVegas groups someone always asks what is a MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick. They want to know how to collect Loyalty Points fast. The most common answer is to just play, add more friends,

Collect Free MyVegas Chips Guide

I have been using these Free MyVegas Chips method for a while now. They are tricks which have allowed me to collect hundreds of thousands of free MyVegas chips each day, without building a sweat, and without spending a single dollar. These Free

MyVegas Event Guide

This MyVegas Caribbean Cruise Giveaway Guide, will help you to achieve each of the days goals, with minimal effort and minimal chips. It was originally created so that people could easily achieve goals for the Caribbean Cruise, however the same rules

Hashtags gone? Discontinuing Memes via Facebook – Moving to site

Hashtags were one of the reasons we used Facebook We will be discontinuing the meme's we put up on Facebook, and be placing them directly on mmoexploiters.com stating in a few days. We are doing this in part because of

Farmville 2: Land Expansion Cheat

This will allow you to expand your land, for free. This cheat does use a game hack. However the game hack itself is clean, and you will need to follow directions on how to use it. The game hack program

FarmVille 2: Unlimited Coins – Game Hack Tutorial

Get unlimited coins with this video tutorial for FarmVille 2. Use Cheat Engine to change your coin value or the value of any item in the game to free.

Candy Crush Saga: Strategy Guide

Candy Crush Saga isn't the same match-3 puzzle game, similar to all the other games out there, like Bejeweled. Instead, it is a strategy player’s game. While the goal is very similar to other gem-matching games, it forces players to

Facebook: Scammer Central

As of April 2013, the world’s largest social network Facebook boasts more than one billion users – an impressive number considering there are 7 billion people on the planet. Unfortunately, the more people that connect to a centralized platform, the

FREE ISBoxer Keys for Members

It's been a few days since I released an InnerSpace or ISBoxer key, which can be used for 30 days of free usage. Well that's not true, I released one on our Facebook page about 4.5 hours ago, for the

Otherland: Video – The Official Trailer

Coming in on New Years Day, if the trailer for the new MMO, "Otherland" which is based on Tad Williams' Otherland book series, of the same name. What can you expect from the Otherland MMO? Well, for one, less boundaries.

Words with Friends: How to tell when your opponent is cheating

As much as I love to cheat in mmo's, and get a certain thrill when I figure something new out, I abhor playing against cheaters in Words With Friends. It's not so much that I can't necessarily beat them, I

D3: Blizzard Trash-Talks David Brevik after interview

This is a repost from elsewhere, but it's following an interview between David Brevik of Diablo 1 and 2, and IncGamers, discussing some "flaws" with Diablo 3. Blizzard employees trash-talk the interview via Facebook. The aftermath and crap talk, is

Battle Pirates: Range Extenders – How they can hurt you

In many cases, range extenders will help you, however there is also a set of circumstances where they will hurt you, when you are going head-to-head with another fleet. In fact the guy I mistakenly attacked was probably surprised when

Battle Pirates: When upgrading walls…

Honestly, it doesn't matter which shape your base takes, as long as there is an entrance which has a U-shaped bend in it. If it does, then you should be able to defend it well. Of course there should only