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Fast Lumber Mill Wood Farming 50 Wood /min – WoW

This Fast Lumber Mill Wood Farming method will gain you about 50 Wood per minute. You will need to use a couple addons, but without the addons, you will never achieve the same quantity.   I managed these gains on a Stage 2 Lumber Mill. Related Posts:WoW: How to get on top of buildings in Battlegrounds This cheat will allow you Read More


Hellfire Rare Farming Guide

Hellfire Rare Farming can be a daunting task, unless you use this guide, which will make farming the Champions of Hellfire Citadel mobs more effective. The Champions of Hellfire Citadel are 4 rare elite mobs, which need to be hunted down, thus giving you the Hellbane Achievement. Related Posts:Tanaan Jungle Tricks – WoW If you have been using the Hellfire Rare Farming Guide, Read More

Farm Servant of Demidos trick

Farm Servant of Demidos trick – WoW

This Farm Servant of Demidos trick, with a bit of pre-planning allow you to farm this Servant of Demidos pet repeatedly – allowing you to bypass the once a day limitation. Under normal circumstances, you can only loot the Demidos NPC once, for a 1 time chance to grab this pet. Instead, we are going to share with you a trick, which Read More

Earn 2000 gold each character daily

2000 GPH farming trash – WoW

You can make 2000 GPH farming trash mobs in Firelands. The method is simple, but it’s recommended that you do NOT use honorbuddy to try and macro it. It seems that some botters have been getting banned for it’s use in Firelands. Also, to be candid, this particular guide is outlined for those who wish to maximize their gold output without Read More


Farm WoW Pets for Gold

This guide will explain how you can Farm WoW Pets for Gold. Now let me explain one of the most useful features here… you can set a patch, killing the same mobs over and over, using a free World of Warcraft bot (or of course you can do it by hand). If you are a Rogue, I recommend farming mobs which have a Read More

Platinum Ore Farming Maps

Platinum Ore Farming Maps – Wildstar

These Platinum Ore Farming Maps are specifically for farming Wildstar Platinum Ore in Whitevale and Farside. If you are looking for where to farm Wildstar Platinum Ore in mass quantities, then this is the guide for you. We traveled all over Nexus to find not only which were the best routes, but also the best Platinum Ore Farming Maps. These maps tend to spawn the Platinum Read More

treasure goblin

Legendary Gear Farming Location

Legendary Gear Farming In Diablo 3, is particularly easy in this map location and difficulty. I like Legendary Gear Farming in this location, as I get about 9 chances per run to have a Legendary item drop, with an additional 40% chance to see a goblin spawn. There are chests, vessels, and elite packs, which are all easy to farm, in part Read More


Glass Beads – Prize Tickets Farming – Carnival of the Ascended – Rift

If you’re like me, you may have decided that you want to farm Glass Beads or Prize Tickets, but do not know which way is the fastest way to gather these items, you’re in luck. Today, I am sharing with you, my Carnival of the Ascended Speed Gathering Guide to Prize Tickets and Glass Beads. Please note, there is no shortcut Read More

WoW: New Treasures of the Vale Repeatable Farming

In World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 all the former quest bosses in Vale of Eternal Blossoms were turned into rare mobs with about 50% chance of dropping the new Treasures of the Vale loot bag which contains mostly profession drops. The rare are on a decent respawn timer, but there is one, which you can kill and then have him Read More

WoW: Elixir of Ancient Knowledge farming

Elixir of Ancient Knowledge, has a 9% drop chance off of Krol the Blade. We are going to farm these potions so you can use them to powerlevel some alts. Some people have reported gaining as many as 3 of them per hour farming. Related Posts:WoW: Realm Phase Farming Rare Spawns & Items trick Kill Krol the Blade 5 times in Read More

Farmville 2: Rocks and Stumps from your farm without friends

This will allow you to remove those rock and stump obstructions in your fields, without the need of friends to help you, nor waiting on them to respond. You will need; Cheat Engine a Browser, preferably without too many addons (we recommend Firefox), and no extra tabs. Some Patience The hack is relatively simple and I am sure you will Read More

Diablo 3: Barbarian Sarkoth Farming AutoIt Script

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Tera Online: Level AFK with simple tool 23-35

There is a remote spot out in Poporia which will allow you to kill and loot a couple mobs repeatedly, without getting hurt. The mobs themselves are level 26, so you will be limited in the level range you can use this spot, unless you just want to use it to farm coin while AFK. You can use this program Read More

WoW: Intensive Gold Farming Location for Horde

This spot is in Twilight Highlands. This is only for Horde characters. I have done quite well making several thousands in gold per hour, even on PvP servers with ninja pk players. Related Posts:Shimmering Expanse Gold Farming Location – World of… I found this spot, after a faction change, and had…Gold, Platinum, Credits Farming Method Check Gold, Platinum, Credits Farming Read More

Neverwinter: Farm Quick Respawning mobs for loot, gold, exp

There is a quest right at the beginning of the game, where if you don’t complete the objective, you can continuously destroy repeat spawning mobs, gaining loot, experience, and gold.  Use this spot to farm gold/loot or level up. Related Posts:Neverwinter Loot trick There are a couple Neverwinter Loot tricks which I have…Neverwinter: Infinite Chest Loot This Chest Loot bug, Read More

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Neverwinter: Astral Diamond Farming Method

This technically isn’t an exploit, but it is an easy way to get Astral Diamonds for free, with little work. If you have a bot for Neverwinter you can have it do most of the work for you. Related Posts:Neverwinter: Remove Enchantments without Astral Diamonds If you put an Enchantment in a Socket the removal…Neverwinter: Getting Astral Diamonds In Game Read More

WoW: Get Under Isle of Thunder

You can use this for exploration/trolling, or for easier farming (you will need at least one person to loot chests/mobs why the rest of you kill from afar) of the Isle of Thunder. Requirements Level 90 Quest that turns you into a Saurok completed Engineering 550 Related Posts:WoW: Trove of the Thunder King 10+ chest route This Chest farming route Read More

The Secret World: Signet Farming Guide

This is a more effective way, to farm lower level signets. This is done at Kingsmouth by the Airport. Because of this, make sure you can handle the mobs in this area, before you attempt to use this method of farming. Related Posts:GW2: Warrior Leveling Build It’s been a while since we’ve put up any kind…FFXIV Gil Farming Guide Download Read More

Dragon Nest: How to get a Perma Mount for Free

In Dragon Nest, mounts are not really needed for most players, rather they tend to be vanity items. Mounts can only be used in towns and nearby vicinities. It is possible to run faster in a town, but you can also use the teleport service offered by town guards. Mounts are not available for use in dungeons, so again, not Read More

DDO: Level Crafting 1-95 in 6 hours cheat

Imagine the hundreds of hours farming materials to level your crafting. Now also imagine the cost. At 500pp for each essence, it will cost you upto 75 million plat to level your crafting 1-95. There is however a cheat, which will allow you to level your Dungeons and Dragons Online Crafting skill in 6 hours and at a cost of Read More