Battle Point Farming – PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Battle Point Farming trickThere is a new Battle Point Farming trick which will net you plenty of BPs in PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. BPs or Battle Points can be used to purchase Reward Crates. Contained inside crates are various Costumes. These are purely cosmetic and do not offer any boosts apart from concealing one’s position when hiding in similar environments. Unlike Equipments, these do not add to the player’s Defense. However, each week you can farm crates and they will start at 700 BPs, working their way up in cost to 7000 BPs, for the 6th crate of the week.

Click here for more info on Rewards Crates.

Battle Point Farming trick

So as you can see, the more BPs you can farm each week, the better. This is where the Battle Point Farming trick for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds comes in.

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Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk

This is a method to Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk which can earn you massive amounts of gold, but only for a limited time. Shadow Silk is currently selling for around 2k gold each on my server, which means if you can farm them quickly, then they will sell rather well. This item will likely become the next hot thing, which will drive prices down quickly, but if done now, rather than later I suspect you will make a quick small fortune. 

You should after a couple runs, be able to do this in your sleep. If so, here's a little something to help you to stay awake and focused.

Take the Guesswork out of Gold Farming

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow SilkShadow Silk can be used in the following high demand items;

Shadoweave Mask (8)

Parachute Cloak (2)

Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (2)

The method I am about to share with you, takes less than 2 minutes on a Demon Hunter, and will net about 4-5 Shadow Silk, making this a pretty good method for Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk.

Quick WoW Gold farming Shadow Silk instructions

Follow this path, and the same path back. Kill everything in your path to maximize gold per run.

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Tome of Porcupine Farming – WoW

Tome of Porcupine FarmingToday, we're going to teach you Tome of Porcupine Farming in World of Warcraft. When farming these items, I farm about 3 per hour, which can be sold for around 30k gold each. These can only be farmed by mages and the drop rate is about .2%. This means you need to kill sheer droves of them.

However if you don't have a high level mage, there might be a way around this restriction 😉 ...

Tome of Porcupine Farming

The exact method to Tome of Porcupine Farming is actually fairly easy, but knowing the best method isn't a given. So we only ask that you share this post to social media, which will then unlock the content for you to see. No tricks involved.

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Big Love Rocket Mount Farming – WoW Guide

The easiest way to go about Big Love Rocket Mount Farming, is to use multiple accounts on the same account. We do this with RAF leveling, and multiboxing. There is a specific way I am going to teach you this, and you need a little understanding for multiboxing, but you don't need a fancy software like ISBoxer. You will however need AutoHotKey and some in-game macros.

Big Love Rocket Mount Farming

Big Love Rocket Mount FarmingSo to do the multiboxing version of Big Love Rocket Mount Farming, understand we're going to be leveling a total of about 7 new characters per hour to level 16. To give you some perspective it's a .03% drop rate, which means running 100 chars a day for 15 days gets you about a 45% drop chance across the entire event. Running it on 250 chars a day should technically get you the 100% drop chance. Even if you don't score the mount this year, the work you put into it can be used for next year's event as well.

Please note: Big Love Rocket Mount Farming can only be done while the Love is in the Air event is going on. If you don't get the Big Love Rocket Mount this year, you can try again next year using this method.

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Big Love Rocket Mount Farming Instructions:

First off, you recruit your main account's email 4x (accept each one in email, then send another invite - button is near broadcast button for real ID, sometimes have to wait in between).

Next, I recommend going with Night Elf druids for the ability to get quick queues and for moonfire insta spams. I stick with a group of 5 moonkins (which turns into 7 after you grant 2 more characters levels - via recruit a friend). I recommend that you name them something along the lines of Agroupmaster, Agrouptwo, Agroupthree, etc, so you can keep track of your groups for macro purposes.

The first phase of farming is killing Murlocs. You basically spam kill them from 1-10. (Ideally you have a mage to port your alts to stormwind.)

Big Love Rocket Mount Farming Big Love Rocket Mount Farming

After that, you take your group to Deadmines. With BoAs and RaF it should take you one run + one extra boss kill to get to level 16. I recommend using one of your guys as a tank, and the rest just go boomy and toss your tank a regrowth from time to time. You can farm the actual event with this composition as well.

If you actually manage to score the mount, and it lands on a trial account, as long as you get to level 20 and can train it, you shouldn't need to transfer the character or pay to upgrade the account.

Handy [In-Game] Follower Macros for Big Love Rocket Mount Farming:


/cast [@Agroupmaster] regrowth (insert your tank's name and it will heal him)
/cast [@player] regrowth (heals your followers)

/follow Agroupmaster
/assist Agroupmaster
/cast solar wrath

/follow Agroupmaster
/assist Agroupmaster
/cast moonfire

/follow Agroupmaster
/assist Agroupmaster
/cast starsurge

/cast [nomounted] Summon Chauffeur

/follow Agroupmaster
/assist Agroupmaster
/cast [@player] Force of Nature(Talent)
/use Touch of the Void


AutoHotKey Script for Big Love Rocket Mount Farming

Here's the AutoHotKey script I use for key repeating. Just put it in a text file, right click it and open it with the program.


WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 1 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 1, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 1, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 1, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 1, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 2 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 2, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 2, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 2, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 2, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 3 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 3, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 3, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 3, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 3, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 4 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 4, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 4, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 4, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 4, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 5 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 5, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 5, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 5, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 5, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait 6 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, 6, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, 6, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, 6, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, 6, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, list, World of Warcraft 
KeyWait, Space, D 
IfWinActive, World of Warcraft 
ControlSend,, {Space}, ahk_id %wowid2% 
ControlSend,, {Space}, ahk_id %wowid3% 
ControlSend,, {Space}, ahk_id %wowid4% 
ControlSend,, {Space}, ahk_id %wowid5% 
WinGet, wowid, list, World of Warcraft


Did you enjoy this guide for Big Love Rocket Mount Farming? Let us know your results in the comments, or better yet, post a picture of you on your new mount!

Unlimited Respawn XP Farming – WoW Cheat

Unlimited Respawn XP FarmingThis WoW Cheat will give you Unlimited Respawn XP Farming. It spawns a few level 103 mobs, which you can farm repeatedly for XP. The key, is not to kill the main mob, just to tank it, to keep aggro, but not do enough damage, thus allowing for a constant respawn of addon mobs.

Unlimited Respawn XP Farming

In order to Unlimited Respawn XP Farming, you need to not have completed a quest in Azuna (shown below). The mobs themselves can be 1-shot, making for some extremely fast XP. There is no reason you won't be able to gain - solo, 500k xp hourly.

Unfortunately, the mobs which are spawned, do not seem to drop anything, but for XP, this Unlimited Respawn XP Farming will make quick work of any leveling you need to do.

Farm Herbs during Ley Race – WoW Cheat

Farm Herbs during Ley Race - WoW CheatDid you know, you can Farm Herbs during Ley Race? The advantage to this is that you can farm without anyone disturbing you, and that you won't need to dismount while herbing. The main disadvantages are not being able to kill any special mobs which spawn and you won't be able to pick up flowers from the fox.


One other advantage however is that you will get a speed buff between each of the flowers. However because of the disadvantages, it might only be useful for a few people.


Farm Herbs during Ley Race instructions :

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AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons – WoW

I've spent the past couple of hours AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons (Artifact Power) on an alt with almost no gear (~800 ilvl) and a guild group of five running Timewalking dungeons, we are averaging about 250AP - 300AP per minute. It is turning out to be a solid farming method without any downtime.

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AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons

Timewalking Dungeons are currently one of the fastest ways to consistently farm AP, especially in a premade/guild group. While Mythic+ does provide more, it also requires people to provide constant low rank keystones which means waiting around. It also requires you to have somewhat decent gear to provide carries usually, and requires effort.

In complete contrast, all of the bosses provide a guaranteed [Jewel of Victory] for each boss kill, and Timewalking Dungeons are significantly undertuned/a lot easier than they were in WoD.

AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons - WoW

To make the most of it, it's best to create a group with strong AoE and movement speed increases. Enhancement Shaman, Balance Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter and WW Monk all make great options. Blood DK is the best tank for survivability while healer is not that important.

The aim is to pull as much trash as possible. You should be aiming to get one or two large packs of trash to AoE down per area between bosses while running to the next boss. Use CDs on each boss and they'll die in seconds, and repeat until the end.

To speed up the process, bring along old legendary items. Though weapons are pretty much obsolete because of Artifact Weapons, the MoP Cloak, WoD Ring as well as OP trinkets from previous expansions all provide a huge boost - especially ones with AoE capabilities. MoP/WoD Flasks and Potions also provide a sizable boost in damage, and should be cheap to obtain from the AH as people continue to sell off old stock.

AP Farming in Timewalking Dungeons - WoW Guide written by Smitten


Dugi's WoW Guides - Official Website

Ancient Mana Farming – WoW

You will be able to do Ancient Mana Farming, for about 300-600 in about 5 minutes. You will need Ancient Mana for the Withered Army world quest & 3 Daily Quests for around 2000 Ancient Mana, and of course to buy the Souvenirs and Toys.

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Ancient Mana Farming

ancient-mana-farmingOption 1 : Head to Suramar 50,77 (the Market Area).

Option 2 : Falanar Basement to the East Side Around 20,35

You will find Mana Infused GemsTwice Fortified ArcWine, and LeyPetal Blossoms and many others. 

JacinThe simple trick which we used in WOD was Realm Hopping via Addons such as Cross Realm Assist. Farm the gems then Hop again and you will find them respawned,then leave the Group and you find them respawned again, your biggest Farm is the Wine that Gives between 100-200 Ancient Mana.

There is an NPC kid around the area that sells Illusion Bombs that fool the guards for 25 Ancient Mana, which will help you survive by being undetectable to the guards. Find the NPC called Jacin near 48,81.

The toys and souvenirs you can collect after Ancient Mana Farming, are as as follows...

NAME Type Ancient
Mana Cost

Ancient Mana is an endgame currency exclusive to Suramar for level 110 characters. It is used mostly

  • to train your withered army
  • to activate Teleporters and Leyline feeds
  • to feed quest NPCs to keep them sane
  • to buy various items and gain beneficial buffs

Ancient Mana Farming

  • Loot Ancient Mana directly from mobs
  • Multiply the loot amount by activating Leyline feeds
  • Grab mana-giving items from various containers within the zone
  • Complete world quests with mana reward
  • Gathering professions also provide some mana at low chance
  • Use  Boon of the Manaseeker special shoulder enchant to receive  Mana-Tinged Pack occasionally
  • Use Leyline Mastery and stay near the rift to accumulate some more mana

Ancient Mana Farming Limitations
The starting cap of your mana is 300 but you can rise it by couple of ways like completing particular quests in Suramar and obtaining special items that increase mana cap:  Volatile Leyline Crystal,  Kyrtos's Research Notes, etc. There's also an achievement to unlock all available increase: Why Can't I Hold All This Mana?.

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Easy Bitcoin Conversion – Life Hack

Why do we need an Easy Bitcoin Conversion guide? Easy Bitcoin Conversion - Life HackBecause without this guide, you're searching for how to mine and then convert to cash. We have done the hard part of looking for information and trying to figure out how to turn money into Bitcoin, or turn Bitcoin into money - all for you. We tell you what to avoid, how to make it easy, and who is scamming whom.

Easy Bitcoin Conversion Method

This is only a secret because more people don't know about it. You see, there are several virtual currencies out there today, and understanding them, isn't something you really need to do these days. However something you do need to be able to do, is convert your money to Bitcoin (the standard) and back again. This is something we're going to share with you on how to do, because like I said, it's easy.

But before I get into that, I want you to know a little bit about mining BitCoin. Mining Bitcoin is hard, if you are just getting into Bitcoin now, then we would actually recommend you don't try to mine it. Here are a few things you need to know if you still want to try.

  • Bitcoin shows a value which changes everyday. It's a bit like the stockmarket, it can go higher or lower, depending on if people are buying or selling. It's a true market price. The current rate can be found here.
  • If you rent a server and put software on it to farm for you, expect to make less then $100 a month. This is without the cost of electricity, but you will still need to pay for a server. The best server company, and cheapest to boot, is likely DediSeed. Server prices start around $55 a month.
  • You can buy a USB stick with the mining software on it, but the stick will cost $25. The stick will likely also give you a ROI of about $36 a year. The problem here is that using your own computer, you are going to lose money on the cost of electricity, and also have the potential to burn out a computer/laptop.

Free Bitcoin faucet

  • Bitcoin Faucets. Faucets ask you to refresh the page for them, and click a button to receive a small stipend. If you refresh the page enough times, then yes, you will make some money. However each refresh might earn you 1 cent. Sometimes a bit more, like the ad for the faucet above. I like this one, as you can join lotteries to win more via games.
  • The final option I want to mention is Cloud Mining. Cloud Mining is a scam. A Cloud mining site will ask you to pay your way into a pool, and if the pool makes money so do you... sounds legit right? Turns out that they pay out 4-5 months later, and jump ship with all the money right before the first monies are due, or maybe even pay out the first few customers, and then jump ship, so that those first few will give good rep... a bit like a Ponzi scheme.

Ok, so to buy or sell Bitcoin, without trying to learn the stockmarket like side of things, the Easy Bitcoin Conversion method is to use a service called Payza. Payza is a bit like PayPal or Skrill, except that it will allow you to transfer money to and from your Bitcoin wallet. Supposedly PayPal is experimenting with Bitcoin, but the last I heard about it was over a year ago.

What's a Bitcoin wallet? It's where you hold all of your Bitcoin. Personally, I use Blockchain as my Wallet, but you can use whichever you trust the most. The nice thing about Blockchain, is being able to backup your wallet to Dropbox. Whenever you want to have someone send you money, you simply give them your wallet address (for example: 1FuP5eyEdvKcMeoiddpZvUkNvJqoyHdwqq - Send a couple bitcoin here, if you want to test it out).

I also want to BTCPOPmention that there is also an easy way to change different virtual coins into another - thus a different form of the Easy Bitcoin Conversion method. We do this with a currency exchange, which makes it easy to trade the various types. For example being able to change Bitcoin to Dogecoin, or vice-versa, or any of the other alternative currencies also available. For that, we want to head over to BTCPOP. BTCPOP charges only when you transfer money in or out of your wallet with them. All the major currencies are covered such as LiteCoin, Dogecoin, and of course Bitcoin. It should be noted that there are over 60 different coins which you can exchange to or from Bitcoin. 

So now that you have an Easy Bitcoin Conversion, how do you change it to other wallets? This is probably the most time consuming portion of this guide. Once the money is in your Payza account, you can go ahead and transfer the money to your bank account. From there, you can withdraw the cash or send it up to any other virtual wallet, such as Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney, etc. It's most time consuming because you have to wait for the banks to do there thing - which can take a few days depending on the bank. It's recommended when you can however to use a direct deposit schism to avoid any unnecessary fees.

Open a Payza account to convert to/from real money.
Open a BTCPOP account to exchange various Crypto-Currencies.
Transfer from Payza to bank to cashout or fund other virtual wallets.

If you want to mine Bitcoin, then further newbie help for Bitcoin, can be found here. It's recommended that you glance over everything to have an idea on what to do and what not to do, but the guide above should also suffice.

Please do not copy without permission. All links must remain "As Is". This guide on Easy Bitcoin Conversion was written by JJavage, all credit to the author. 

Farming Ruby Droplet Companion – WoW

Here's a quick guide to Farming Ruby Droplet Companion pet. It's a cute little guy which will follow you around, just like any other companion. He's got about a 3% drop rate, but these things can be sold or kept - your choice. Continue reading "Farming Ruby Droplet Companion – WoW"

Fast Gold Farming Method – Devilian

It's possible to farm around 100 gold an hour using this Fast Gold Farming method. Since gold sells for around $11.70 for 100 Devilian Gold pieces, an enterprising person might be able to make $90 a day (or more) farming and selling Devilian Gold with this Fast Gold Farming Method. Continue reading "Fast Gold Farming Method – Devilian"

20k Gold Value Hourly – WoW

So when I say 20k Gold Value Hourly20k Gold Value Hourly - WoW, I mean you can farm this item value in WoW Gold, every hour of every day, using this method. However because some of the items you will be farming are transmog items, these items might take weeks to sell. On the other hand, all the other loot you gather, can easily make up for it.

Continue reading "20k Gold Value Hourly – WoW"

15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming – WoW

I have read that some people claim profits much higher with this 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming tip, 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming - WoWbut I am more realistic. Once people know about it, prices are going to drop, and instead of the 20k gold that these items are selling for, they will drop quickly to the 5k I am estimating in the guide.

Note, to achieve 15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming... well you need to be a rogue. This will not work on any other class, due to a specific skill that only rogues have - obviously it's not stealth because then a Night Elf or a Druid might be able to do it. It's pick-pocketing. Continue reading "15k Gold Hourly Rogue farming – WoW"

Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker

TComplete Shipyard Missions Quickerhere is a little trick which will allow you to Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker. Mind you, I'm talking about the ones which take a few days, because you need to farm Apexis Crystals. There is a simple trick, which will allow you to farm Apexis Crystals quicker, so that you don't have to wait 2-3 days to complete a shipyard mission. Continue reading "Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker"

Farm Companions & Mounts 10 minutes daily

Farm Companions & Mounts 10 minutes dailyIf you're trying to Farm Companions & Mounts, then here's a little tip which along with farming just 10 minutes a day, will give you access to 12 companions and 27 mounts. No, it's not going to take just 10 minutes, but that's all the time you need to spend daily to farm Companions & Mounts. Now, I am not going to say it's going to be easy, it'll be time consuming, but easily attainable for anyone past level 80, so a breeze at max level. Continue reading "Farm Companions & Mounts 10 minutes daily"

Fast Lumber Mill Wood Farming 50 Wood /min – WoW

Fast Lumber Mill Wood FarmingThis Fast Lumber Mill Wood Farming method will gain you about 50 Wood per minute. You will need to use a couple addons, but without the addons, you will never achieve the same quantity.


I managed these gains on a Stage 2 Lumber Mill. Continue reading "Fast Lumber Mill Wood Farming 50 Wood /min – WoW"

Farm Servant of Demidos trick – WoW

Farm Servant of Demidos trickThis Farm Servant of Demidos trick, with a bit of pre-planning allow you to farm this Servant of Demidos pet repeatedly - allowing you to bypass the once a day limitation. Under normal circumstances, you can only loot the Demidos NPC once, for a 1 time chance to grab this pet. Instead, we are going to share with you a trick, which will allow you to loot it several times. 

Note: to complete this Farm Servant of Demidos trick, you need 2 accounts, 1 level 100 which can solo Demidos, and a lot of patience. Continue reading "Farm Servant of Demidos trick – WoW"

Farm WoW Pets for Gold

Farm WoW Pets for GoldThis guide will explain how you can Farm WoW Pets for Gold. Now let me explain one of the most useful features here... you can set a patch, killing the same mobs over and over, using a free World of Warcraft bot (or of course you can do it by hand). If you are a Rogue, I recommend farming mobs which have a chance at dropping the item via pick-pocket (see below), and then killing them. This gives you a double chance at the pet to drop versus other classes, which can mean more profits in the long run. Continue reading "Farm WoW Pets for Gold"

Free World of Warcraft Bot

Free World of Warcraft BotThis Free World of Warcraft Bot has a few different features to it, including hunting, gathering, and fishing, as well as some other useful features, which I will mention down below.

Currently this works for Herb Gathering, but not mining, which is one of the downsides. However, being able to have it stand on top of a rare herb spawn, and then stealth (as a rogue), and periodically pick up an herb, is by far one of the most useful features imho.

Sure, it can run more then one copy, and that is a plus. In fact, it can run 4 a copies of itself, all running as an assist to the main one which is running around. This feature will allow you to RAF level all 5 accounts, all at the same time. Trust me, this makes for some super fast leveling, which is great for a Free World of Warcraft Bot.

Continue reading "Free World of Warcraft Bot"

Gilda Star Farming Guide – Archeage

The Gilda Star Farming Guide for ArcheageGilda Star Farming Guide is intended to help people – especially new 50s and newbies in general to learn about all the sources of gilda stars available to them.  With that, here’s the daily quests available for Gilda Stars. Note that ALL dailies reset at 5pm Pacific every day. Continue reading "Gilda Star Farming Guide – Archeage"

Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - ArcheageLet me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately, you have to enter in your own prices for your server on the AH. Sure, it might be possible to use  a debugger to do it for you, but unless you have a Hackshield Bypass, I am not sure if it's warranted or even safe to do.

The way the Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage works, is you update AH price on the MATS (materials) tab. This then updates everything across all the professions. After you update all the Mats, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the tab you want to see the information on. The different profits covered in the Master Profit Spreadsheet, are Alchemy, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Trade Packs, Metal Work, Husbandry, Masonry, Carpentry, Vehicles, Printing, & Mining. When you scroll through it, you will see which items are heavy profits, and which items are lower tier profits, as well as those which should not be crafted, as you will lose money on the deal. Continue reading "Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage"