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Steps of Faith Trial Guide – FFXIV:ARR

Yesterday saw the launch of FFXIV's A Realm Reborn story line, and with it came the Steps of Faith trial. In this Steps of Faith trial Guide, we'll cover the easiest way to clear this trial. This Steps of Faith

Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide FFXIV

Soot Black Chocobo Mount Guide

Getting the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, is fairly easy. The key to getting it, isn't so much experimentation, just doing the feeding in the correct order. To get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, you need to start with the Desert Yellow Chocobo

FFXIV ARR Gil Guide Full PDF Download


In this FFXIV ARR Gil Guide, we will teach you everything you need to know on how to farm FFXIV ARR Gil, so that you never have to buy it again. Simply follow this FFXIV ARR Gil Guide, and you will be

Transfer Gil to Alts – FFXIV

For some inane reason, it's not normally possible to Transfer Gil to Alts. However a work-around was recently found, which will allow you to do just that. It even works to allow you to send your alts items. While this IS

FFXIV Player Assistant – Free to Use

FFXIV Player Assistant is a tool which will help players of Final Fantasy XIV to do repetitive tasks easily. While it's not intended to be game breaking, it will do the following things, for free. Functions: Auto hit mobs; Auto

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FFXIV: Bard Skills, Rotations, & Overview

This guide will teach you how to DPS on your bard, and when to  use all of your skills while giving a brief show of what a few of the abilities look like.

Final Fantasy XIV: Miners Job Overview

Miner, as a Disciple of Land in Final Fantasy XIV, is usually selected by knowledgeable gamers as a gathering  job for it's Gil Making, but also for it's use in other professions such as Blacksmithing and Goldsmithing.

FFXIV: Repeatable Levemete Quest – Easy Leveling

Instead of running dungeons, farming Fates, an alternative method has been found to level in FFXIV. This method is a grind, but can be repeated every 2 minutes and doesn't usually involve fighting mobs. You can however loot the occasional

FFXIV: Simple fly and speedhack, Free to use

As the title says, this is a simple flying and speed increasing game hack, for use with Final Fantasy XIV. The program moves your character by simply editing your position in memory. There is no cost to use this, and

Final Fantasy XIV- A Realm Reborn: Fishbot

In order to use this bot, you must be using an English keyboard (or at least keyboard that uses similar layout for the D0 to D9 keys). To get started , move to your favorite fishing spot and select the

FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot

This is a FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot for Final Fantasy 14. Once it's all setup, you will be good to go as long as you do not change the resolution settings on your computer. The best thing about this type

FFXIV Fish Bot

Please not this is a macro, and you will need to download and install AutoIt. This is an uncompiled script so you know there are no nasty things within it. Please copy the script below and then save in the

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Build & Play a Mage

written by unknown So apparently, I get a lot of /tells complimenting me about being a good mage so I figured that I'll share sort of how I play as a one. Please excuse this long and detailed explanation. Most

FFXIV: Free to use Crafting Bot

This is a crafting pixel-bot, for FF14, which is based on Auto-It. For now, it is free to use, and fairly self explanatory, however I would expect that this will become pay to use, once it's perfected.

Final Fantasy XIV: Better Windower Utility

This is a small utility which will allow you to use Windowed mode, without gaining DirectX error messages, nor crashes from User Account Control, not anything else save driver crashes. You may also notice a slight increase in speed, while

Final Fantasy XIV: Thaumaturge Leveling Guide

Thaumaturge: Disciple of Magic. By enfeebling enemies and enhancing allies, thaumaturgy can prove to be an invaluable asset, particularly in battles of attrition. Introduction I started creating this guide many months ago and it was originally created in April 2010

Final Fantasy XIV: Anti-Botting Tech = Easy Game Hacks

I found this article kind of interesting, because it's discussing the UI lag, within the game and the problems with it. However using the information garnered, it might actually be possible to create a dupe program. This is the holy

FFXIV Guardian’s Favor Fishing exploit

FF14: Calamity Cometh Quest Walkthrough

Calamity Cometh is the FFXIV main scenario quest available at class level 15 for adventurers in Ul'dah. In this walkthrough, find out where to go and who to talk to for this quest. This is a walkthrough, not a story

Final Fantasy XIV: Understanding the Class and Job System

In Final Fantasy XIV, classes can change at any time. Each class is defined by equipped items. These may be bought with FFXIV Gil or given as quest rewards. To switch jobs in-game, one must be in possession of a