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BDO Fishing Bot – Black Desert Online

The main features of this BDO Fishing Bot, is automatic fishing, but can also do a few other things. The most important are an animation speed hack, which gets rid of the fishing animation, which in turn slows the amount of

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing – WoW Guide

With a little flipping, you can Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing. You'll need about 400 in fishing skill to be able to complete this feat. You'll also need a bit of time fishing up your the items you will be flipping

Nippys Trove Fish Bot with Offsets – Free Download

Nippys Trove Fish Bot has been updated. What is it? Nippys Trove Fishbot is the only bot for Trove which is free and will fish in all kinds of liquids in multiple windows, while you are AFK. Each time there

WoW Fishing Bot Download – Packet Editing Script

These days it's hard to find a working WoW Fishing Bot. But don't worry, we got you covered. This particular WoW Fishing Bot however uses packet reading and sending to work, so it doesn't work in the traditional way of reading pixels

WoW Fishing Bot – WoW 6.x

WoW Fishing Bot

Any WoW Fishing Bot will pop up, stay around for a few months, and either stay or go. Which it will be, we have no idea. However these days, there looks to be only a couple WoW Fishing Bot's available right

FFXIV Fishing Bot

FFXIV Fishing Bot

This is a free FFXIV Fishing Bot, which works with Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. It's been updated to work with v2.3.5. This bot is a memory reading bot, which will simulate key presses. Nothing is injected into memory,

Rift: Better Pixel Fish Bot

A couple days ago, we shared with you a Rift pixel fishing bot, which a few of you were having problems with. As such, we tried to find a better version... and succeeded. Make sure you read the instructions on

World of Warcraft-MoP: Working Fishbot for Mists of Pandaria

Possibly the best working WoW fishing bot out there. It will allow you to fish easily in the game and take care of all your problems. Just download it and follow the instructions. Features: StandStill Fishing Use Lures AutoLoot Send

World of Warcraft: Working, Free-to-Use Fish Bot

Fishing in WoW, is beyond monotonous. In fact, it's downright boring. After I leveled my fishing from 1-450, I hung up my fisherman's hat, and never picked up my pole again. Maybe if I had a fishbot like this, I could

Final Fantasy 14 Fish Bot

Here is a brand new casting bot for people. This casting bot can do everything you can need. advisable of all you can change use it cast minimized. The downside is it injects into the game client but you should

FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot

This is a FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot for Final Fantasy 14. Once it's all setup, you will be good to go as long as you do not change the resolution settings on your computer. The best thing about this type

FFXIV Fish Bot

Please not this is a macro, and you will need to download and install AutoIt. This is an uncompiled script so you know there are no nasty things within it. Please copy the script below and then save in the

World of Warcraft: Bl1zz4rDs FishY Bot (fish bot)

This is a nice and easy Fish Bot for World of Warcraft. It works flawlessly, and this far is suspension/ban free. I've been using this for several characters now. It differs from other fish bots, in that this one has