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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

BDO Fishing Bot – Black Desert Online

The main features of this BDO Fishing Bot, is automatic fishing, but can also do a few other things. The most important are an animation speed hack, which gets rid of the fishing animation, which in turn slows the amount of

Honorbuddy Dead – WoW Bot Replacement

If you hadn't heard, it's official, the headline rings true - Honorbuddy Dead and we need a WoW Bot Replacement. Blizzard Activision has officially killed off the World of Warcraft bot, and it's time to find a replacement. Bossland lost their

WoW Pixel Fishbot

With this WoW Pixel Fishbot, it is unlike most of the fishbots out there, this one works simply by detecting pixels - but only on Windows based computers. The difference is the set of tools used. It's however highly accurate

Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on Finding Trove Fishing Pointers. This works for any fishbot created for Trove, which allows you to manually enter in the fishing pointer address. A correct Trove Fishing Pointer should look like 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c. Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Instructions To start, you

LEGION Fishbot download – World of Warcraft

It's Fishing Time! ...and by that I mean it's time to get your fishing maxed out. To do that, I'm going to suggest using this LEGION Fishbot. There aren't that many that work these days, but we're going to share one with

WoW Fishing Bot Download – Packet Editing Script

These days it's hard to find a working WoW Fishing Bot. But don't worry, we got you covered. This particular WoW Fishing Bot however uses packet reading and sending to work, so it doesn't work in the traditional way of reading pixels

WoW Fishing Bot – WoW 6.x

WoW Fishing Bot

Any WoW Fishing Bot will pop up, stay around for a few months, and either stay or go. Which it will be, we have no idea. However these days, there looks to be only a couple WoW Fishing Bot's available right

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot – World of Warcraft

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot is a newish fishbot for World of Warcraft. It accurately fishes in a single spot for an extended period of time and can be made to work manually or automatically. It also includes the ability to fish

WoW: Working Fishbot

This Fishbot was recently released to work with WoW on the current patch, but includes an ini file with offsets which can be changed, in case WoW changes, and the bot isn't updated right away. Go into your KeyBindings and

Rift: Working Pixel Fishbot – No log.txt reading needed!

Someone a few days ago asked if another fishbot on this site was still working. It in fact wasn't and we owned up to it. But we decided to search around or get one made for our elite members. This

Rift: Bob Saget’s AutoIT Fishbot script

Not only is Bob Saget funny, but he can code in AutoIt. Here's a fishing bot script, which has an easy to understand GUI which will allow you to fish for hours catching and leveling your fishing to no end.

Rift: Rift Minion 2.1 now supports a HoTs, DoTs, and Radar

RiftMinion 2.1 is out, with all new features! RiftMinion is the safest bot for PvE and PvP in Rift, not only because of the re-worked navigation but also because it's undetectable by Rift itself. And now, there are even more

Rift: MacroGoblin Fishbot

Now in case you missed yesterdays post on the RiftMinion fishbot, there is an alternative. This version doesn't work as well as the RiftMinion version and is really only set for one resolution, however if you can get this baby

Rift: Rift Minion Fishing Bot

Seems there is a brand new feature to Rift Minion, and people are getting pretty excited about it. Rift Minion now offers a full fledged Fishbot, which can be used with different poles and even different Lures. Everything in fishing is now

WoW: Working Fishbot

Yah, I get it. In fact I get it so much, that I got burnt out after leveling my rogue's cooking and fishing to 450, nevermind 525. This is a working fishbot released in March 2012, which will allow you

FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot

This is a FFXIV Fishing and Crafting Bot for Final Fantasy 14. Once it's all setup, you will be good to go as long as you do not change the resolution settings on your computer. The best thing about this type