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Gortens Fisherman – Working WoW Fishbot

Its always nice when you can find a Working WoW Fishbot such as Gortens Fisherman, especially after the disappearance of YetiBot's Wildcatch. But as it turns out, Gortens Fisherman is pixel based, and you need to go through some extra steps

Rift REX Farming – Alternate Regional Shard

Today, I want to discuss a Rift REX Farming method I have been using for a while now. It's slow, but takes less than 3 minutes to complete and you can net anywhere from 10 plat to 300 platinum a

WoW Pixel Fishbot

With this WoW Pixel Fishbot, it is unlike most of the fishbots out there, this one works simply by detecting pixels - but only on Windows based computers. The difference is the set of tools used. It's however highly accurate

Underlight Angler AP Leveling Trick

Have you tried Underlight Angler AP Leveling, yet? [Underlight Angler], the fishing artifact, can be quite annoying to level. I've tried many baits to farm AP with and this gave mixed results. The trick I am going to share with you, is the best

Trove Passive Fishbot

This Trove Passive Fishbot doesn't have any fancy bootdrop or destroy and loot-collecting. It's meant to be for a quick botting session only - Grab a smoke, lunch, bathroom break, etc. It works well and is really useful if you want to fish

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing – WoW Guide

With a little flipping, you can Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing. You'll need about 400 in fishing skill to be able to complete this feat. You'll also need a bit of time fishing up your the items you will be flipping

LEGION Fishbot download – World of Warcraft

It's Fishing Time! ...and by that I mean it's time to get your fishing maxed out. To do that, I'm going to suggest using this LEGION Fishbot. There aren't that many that work these days, but we're going to share one with

Fast Fishing Artifact Power Method

This Fast Fishing Artifact Power method has got to be one of the most brilliant ways of leveling your new fishing artifact. First off, head out to Stormheim. The spot I like to fish is at 38:60 right next to the Lornas

Nippys Trove Fish Bot with Offsets – Free Download

Nippys Trove Fish Bot has been updated. What is it? Nippys Trove Fishbot is the only bot for Trove which is free and will fish in all kinds of liquids in multiple windows, while you are AFK. Each time there

Nippys Fishbot – Trove

Nippys Fishbot for Trove now includes an auto updater for Pointers. How cool is that? No more hoping that the latest version will work with the newest patch. Simply press F5 with Nippys Fishbot open, and BAM it's updated and

WoW Fishing Bot Download – Packet Editing Script

These days it's hard to find a working WoW Fishing Bot. But don't worry, we got you covered. This particular WoW Fishing Bot however uses packet reading and sending to work, so it doesn't work in the traditional way of reading pixels

Trove Boot Drop for Nippy’s Fishbot

You might have tried using the Trove Boot Drop on Nippy's Fishbot, only to learn that in fact does not work. As it happens, there is a work-around, and that's what we are presenting you with today. Not only does the Trove

Nippys Trove Fishbot

Here's Nippys Trove Fishbot. The previous Trove Fishbot we put up, no longer works and has been abandoned by the author, so here's one to replace it. It doesn't look as fancy, but it still does what needs to be

Catching Trophy Fish Tip – ESO

There is a secret to Catching Trophy Fish.  If you like the crafting aspect of ESO, and are an avid fisherman, then you might be surprised by this one tidbit.  Sometimes the rewards are meager when fishing in ESO, but it

Do you use a WoW Fishbot?

Do you use a WoW Fishbot? Do you wish you had a safe place to fishbot, without the worry that someone is going to report you for fishing hours on end? Don't worry, this spot is meant for fishbotters and

Configurable Trove Fishbot Download

I guess this is probably the first Trove Fishbot. This Trove Fishbot, will allow you to fish in Water, Lava, or Chocolate. There are actually 2 versions of this Fishbot, 32bit and 64bit versions of your OS. You will also

WoW Fishing Bot – WoW 6.x

WoW Fishing Bot

Any WoW Fishing Bot will pop up, stay around for a few months, and either stay or go. Which it will be, we have no idea. However these days, there looks to be only a couple WoW Fishing Bot's available right

Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick

Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick

The WoW Easy Fishing Extravaganza Winning Trick, allows you to beat the time of your closest competitor by around 5 minutes. Since on average it takes 15-20 minutes of hardcore fishing to complete the fishing extravaganza, this ensures that you will

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot – World of Warcraft

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot

Wild-Catch Fishing Bot is a newish fishbot for World of Warcraft. It accurately fishes in a single spot for an extended period of time and can be made to work manually or automatically. It also includes the ability to fish

Fish Don’t leave Footprints achievement for Sale

Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement

In order to get the Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement, you need to not have the achievement already, and do a little fishing. Of course if you have the Fish Don't leave Footprints achievement, then you won't be able to find the

Rift Fishing Guide – Storm Legion Updated

Rift Fishing Guide - Storm Legion Updated

The first thing you need to understand about Rift Fishing, is that it is in no way as easy as any other profession to level. In most other professions, you simply do the hardest level, and are able to level