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Archeage Multihack – Fly, 5x Speed, No Fall Damage

This Archeage Multihack is working and undetected as of 10/13/17. It contains the following game hacks; Flying, 5x Speed, and No Fall Damage. While other game hacks are in the works, those are not available yet, and won't be mentioned at

WoW Fly Hack & NoClip WoW x64 Download

The WoW Fly Hack is a dll which you will need to inject with your own injector into WoW. It is created for WoW WoD, and may not work with non-expansion accounts. I am unsure if it works with emulated servers, you

Rift Flying Bug PTS Video Tutorial

Rift Flying Bug

This Rift Flying Bug, is on the Private Test Server, in Morban. It will allow you to swim in the air like a fish, and even drown without a spell or potion of Water Breathing. This Rift Flying Bug is

FFXIV: Simple fly and speedhack, Free to use

As the title says, this is a simple flying and speed increasing game hack, for use with Final Fantasy XIV. The program moves your character by simply editing your position in memory. There is no cost to use this, and

WoW: Druid in-game Macro to allow for easier exploration

A simple in-game macro which will allow you to have an easier time glitching through the ceiling, ledge or other high up place you want to explore.

WoW: Farclip & Fly addon and macro

Some people use hacks to do the same thing you can do with this addon. Game hacks are detectable and can get you banned easily when detected. Addons on the other hand are harder to detect, but can still be

WoW: Fly without mount trick

This one is an interesting bug, and I kind of wonder how it was found, but in either case, you can fly around old Azeroth with this trick and without a mount. As long as you don't come across a

GW2: Teleport, NoClip, Speedhack, Fly, No Clip Game Hack

This is a game hack for GW2 which at this time is not detected - however this could change at any time. It features the following game hacks; Zoom Hack - Larger Default Zoom, Minimum Zoom gives a First person

Rift: Artifact Tracker Offset Finder for OllyDBG

This is a script which attempts to find offsets using OllyDBG for an Artifact Tracker. Additionally it tries to find the fly and no collision offsets.

Wolfteam: Change Wolf, Fly, Super Jump, Insta-Respawn + more

This is a game hack for Wolfteam. It allows you to fly, turn into a wolf at will, instantly respawn, jump, x20 combos, and more. See below for a screenshot, or read farther below for all the descriptions and instructions.

Download YouTube Clips as AVI, MP3, WMV, etc

Recently due to complaints by music companies, Youtube changed their format for videos, making it more difficult to download or convert them to MP3s. However I recently came across a media download site which will continue to allow you to

Minecraft v1.8.1 Single Player Hacks

This is a set up Single Player Hacks, which you can use for yourself. note that this will not work on multi-player worlds, however we are sure you will have lots of fun with these new commands! 🙂 Normal Commands

WoW: Multi-Tool Game Hack

If you've been living under a rock, then you might not know about this game hack. It's like WoW Inifinity, only better... and free. It's got all kinds of movement hacks. It can also remove collision with WMOs, and has

Rift: Product Spotlight – MMONinja Game Hack

Let me assure you, I don't use hacks. However I know that there are those of you out there who do want to use them. You might use them to farm plat, or level faster, maybe even to pwn the

Fly in Azeroth on Ghost Mount – Patch 3.0.5

1. Get yourself killed outside of a new zone 2. Run into new zone as ghost and get teleported back to graveyard. You will not be on flying mount 3. Hover over dead body and resurrect, you can now fly

Warhammer: Fly/Super Jump Game Hack

Warhammer's BugCraft is a free (for now) game hack, which has some features which will allow you to have fun, and to farm gold more easily in Warhammer Online.  It is a game hack, so precautions should be taken, such

WoW: Kill fellow faction members trick

This is kind of mean, but it works really well, and will allow you to kill just about anyone of the same faction.  You will need the flying skill, cold weather flying is not necessary, but you also need a

Aion: No Fall damage, when out of Airtime

This is one of those things that makes people day, duh, why didn't I think of that, or I already knew that.  But it's a tip that people should all know, and will help you, if you are close to

WoW: Game hack for Live servers

This tool does not include any kind of warden protection, but it is not detected ... for now. It's a hack which along with the use of the console, can allow you to do some wondrous things within World of Warcraft. Includes;

WoW: Product Spotlight – WoWInfinity

WoWInifinity, is a game hack tool for World of Warcraft, unlike any other.  It has the ability to allow you torun super fast, to leap high in the air, or even to remove models from the world.  All in all

World of Warcraft: WoW Emulator Hacker

WoWEmuHacker allows you to have many of the abilities of a GM, without having the actual GM login or account.  What makes this special is that it works for most EMU's and some of the functions will even work on