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State of this site

It's time for an update to the State of this site.  State of this site - Membership Over my weekend, I went ahead and changed over the membership software for this site. We were using the eMember Software which served us

Site Update News January 2018

Hey all, as many of you know we have been having some problems with various aspects of this site over the last several months including but not limited to 502 errors and issues with subscriptions not being automatically fulfilled. We

New cheats moved to forums

New Cheats on VIP Forums

Any new cheats or exploits we come across will now be posted in the forums. The forums presents a better place for users to interact, share information, and to debunk exploits. If you wish to get a free subscription to

Integrated Trade Forums News

integrated trade forums

After careful consideration, we have decided not to add Integrated Trade Forums via bbPress to this site. The main concern has been whether or not we could provide both a safe environment - which we believe IS possible, but also to

mmoexploiters Status

integrated trade forums

As many of you know, mmoexploiters.com was recently attacked and had some extended downtimes. I wanted to let you know where we were in terms of security and updating the site. First off, we did lose a little bit of

Defiance: Information, Synopsis, Links, and Fact Sheet

Defiance, the game is set to be released in April 2nd, 2013 with the TV show following two weeks later on the 15th. It's a cross-venture between the SyFy channel and Trion Worlds, and can be played simultaneously by gamers

End of Nations: Info & Links

Tom Riddle works his magic to find you everything you might need to know about the new game currently in beta called End of Nations. Game Synopsis from: http://www.ign.com/games/end-of-nations/pc-71831 & http://www.rtsguru.com/game/16/End-of-Nations/ Join the global conflict in End of Nations™, the

mmoexploiters – Once a Year Sale 2 and 5 year subscriptions

This is not normally offered, but as you can see from all our posts at mmoexploiters.com, we are here to stay. For a while it was kind of iffy, back when we switched from forums to wordpress a couple years

OK, I’m Impressed!

My guild on Aedraxis-Defiant in Rift, Riftwalkers, recently got a website/forums. I am actually impressed with this software. Not only does it look good, but it functions really well, and seems to be bug free. I am doubly impressed with

Allods Online: What is it & where do I get more information?

Put together 7 months ago, after just hearing the name.......... Game Synopsis from: http://allods.gpotato.com/?m=about Allods is a revolutionary massively multiplayer RPG from Gala-Net, publishers of Flyff and Rappelz, and Astrum Nival, developer of Heroes of Might & Magic V and