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It's now easier to purchase a subscription and become VIP at MMOExploiters. We have been around since 2001. In 2001, there were 3 cheat sites, including this site. Since then cheat sites have popped up, and gone under. Some of

Free Open Source Games List

The other day, as I was trying to keep my eldest entertained who has a love for Minecraft and Fortnite, I decided to look for a cheap Minecraft. What I came across however, was a gold mine of Free Open

Legit-Helpers PUBG Macros – Download

Before I give you the Legit-Helpers PUBG Macros, I want to explain something here. First off, this was a pre-release, and they now have a lot more scripts for you to purchase and download for Playerunknown's Battleground. However, these are only

Aim Mastery Tutorial – All FPS Games Guide

This Aim Mastery Tutorial, will teach you what you need to know improve your aim, even if they aren't yet in your crosshairs. Lessons, Settings, and Gear are all covered. Keep in mind that the lessons you learn here can be

Increase FPS hack – Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

Before I tell you how to do this Increase FPS hack in Player Unknown Battlegrounds, let me explain one thing. This is not a hack in the traditional sense, and cannot get you banned. What we will be doing in lowering

Anti-Recoil Script – Logitech Gaming Mice Only

This Anti-Recoil Script is for Logitech Gaming Mice Only. If you have the Logitech Gaming Software which will allow you to add a macro to your Logitech G series mouse or trackball, then you will be able activate this Anti-Recoil Script in

Simple Lag Switch – Internet Pause Game Hack

So a Simple Lag Switch is built upon the idea that you can create lag within a game and thus interrupt the packets that are sent to and from the game. This allows for a whole slew of cheats. If you

Lessen In-Game Lag – Windows 10

It's now possible to Lessen In-Game Lag, if you have it installed on Windows 10 - Note that some of these fixes may also work on other versions of Windows as well - however it hasn't been tested as such.

Overwatch Triggerbot – Free Download

An Overwatch Triggerbot will fire for you, whenever you come across an enemy, within your targeting POV. Note that this is not an aimbot, as those are a lot easier to catch. This Overwatch Triggerbot was created with Javascript, so that it's


Biohazard Game Hack – Radar & 1 Shot

At some point, you will realize just how powerful this Biohazard Game Hack really is. However just to give you an idea, it includes ESP which is short for saying that it has radar and a crap ton of other features

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks

CSGO Tiny Hacks is a collection of game hacks for Global Strike Counter Offensive which will give you distinct advantages over your enemies within the game, including but not limited to bomb timers, slow aim, anti-recoil, and glow on players which

Better FPS PoE Guide – Path of Exile ~ MMOExploiters

Getting Better FPS in Path of Exile, is simply a matter of knowing which is better for you, VRAM (Video RAM) or FPS (Frames Per Second), and applying it for your settings. In general, more FPS and less VRAM is better

WoW: Lower your CPU Usage when multiboxing

When playing World of Warcraft, especially when you are dual-boxing or even multi-boxing, extremely high CPU Usage can cause a retinue of problems including locks, freezes, and extreme lag. If you were to lower the usage however, suddenly your WoW

Path of Exile: Double your Frame Rate – Disable FX

If you are in a group or if you are soloing with a lot of mobs and their spells, you might be lagging. It could be because of particle effects. This tool will eliminate those effects, which in turn will

Planetside 2: 300-500 Certs per hour Cheat

If you boost experience then you can probably in theory can earn 800 certs per hour versus the 300-500. The concept is very easy. You and a couple friends (or one super fast computer running 3 instances with Sandboxie), kill

MWO: How to Play MechWarrior Online

Did you ever run around outside pretending to be a superhero? Perhaps "flying" around with your arms raised up and a blanket around your neck? I did that, too... but I also played "Mechwarrior" with my friends. We would run

SOE Releases New F2P PvP Game – Bullet Run

I just received a press release stating that SOE has released a new game titled Bullet Run, which appears to be a Free-To-Play Multiplayer PvP game, which allows you to play either a Deathmatch style (were friendly fire counts), or

Battlefield 3: Full Download with working Crack

Please note this is the Windows version of Battlefield 3 only. VIP Members, can get the full download of the game. Simply download, install, then apply the crack to enjoy this full version of Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 is a First-Person

Call of Duty Black Ops: Domination/HQ Sniper Spot

Credit to linny for this find The map isn't that clear, but there is a blue mark at the top of the map, its the ledge that you climb over to jump down where location "B" would be, or under

Make Starcraft 2 Run Faster and Better

When it comes to gaming, you need a pretty beefy rig to run today’s games, and if you can’t afford a superclocked PC you’re sort of left out in the dust. The good part is there are a few things