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XBox Playstation VPN Guide

This XBox Playstation VPN Guide was created to show you how to hide your connection behind a VPN. The benefit of hiding any console behind a VPN, is to hide your true IP, as well as to prevent doxing or being

Stream Any Game to Computer & Mobile Device

Stream Any Game to your computer or mobile device? The technology is here, it's coming. A few years back I was offering powerleveling with some Chinese partners. In those days, we offered something innovative - we offered hand leveling. But

Today’s Amazon Prime Deals for Gamers

Today's Amazon Prime Day Deals for Gamers is here Go ahead and get a 30 day free trial (click here) - you can cancel it afterwards. Then get any of the following games or hardware at a discount - with

5 Computer Gaming Systems Under $500

This guide to 5 Computer Gaming Systems Under $500 is going to be a godsend to you, if you're shopping for a new computer, but don't have a large budget. Before I start listing them, understand I am going to start

Video: Understanding the differences between PS4 and XBoxOne

Which console should you buy, the PS4 or XBox One? We can't answer that, as it will always be a personal choice. However, this video will draw conclusions based on hardware, for which console is better for gaming, and which

Guide: How to run a Windows-Native MMO on a Mac

When games spark enough interest, there is often an outcry for Windows games to be ported to Macintosh. Unfortunately for Mac owners, the desktop gaming  market pretty much goes with Windows, as the default platform. I know, Macintosh is harder

News – Nvidia: Consoles Can No Longer Surpass PC Graphics

Console companies just don't have the resources to compete with GPU makers anymore. Nvidia's Senior Vice President of Content and Technology, Tony Tamasi, recently talked with PC PowerPlay about the typical comparison between the PC platform and consoles. He revealed

Laptop Gaming Guide: How to Make Games Run Faster

Replacing an old graphics card with a new one is often the best way to improve gaming graphics. Proud desktop PC owners can easily swap out old hardware for newer, better components. But laptop users may find it impossible to

Daily Deal: Genius 2.1 360 3-Piece Speaker System w/Booming Bass

Any good gaming system, needs a good speaker system to bring some realism to the game. If you're an audiophile or into home cinema, then you should check out this 5.1 system instead, but if you are someone who has

Free Server Hosted VoIP for Small Groups

Usually when I play with my friends and we voice chat, its a small set of us which play. It's usually 3-4 core friends, with the guild. While this post isn't really aimed at the players who need voice chat

Elder Scrolls Online: Release Date Pushed Back – Spring 2014

It was supposed to go live this year, but it seems that Elder Scrolls Online is being pushed back. Really I can't blame them, if you want to not only get, but keep more players, a finished product is much

Video: Evolution of Gaming 1971 – 2012

I have been an avid gamer since probably age... 10? What might surprise you, is that a lot of the games shown in the video below, I remember with great joy. In other words, I'm old enough to remember having

GW2: “Our time is now” video trailer

This is quite simply a new video trailer titled "Our Time Is Now", promoting the newest title from ArenaNet. GuildWars 2 has officially launched in case you missed it, and this video will likely be promoted on TV for a

MMO Gaming – A look into the future

What will MMO Gaming look like in the future? Well if Blizzard has anything to say about it, then the below image says it all. Who needs the basic necessities, when World of Warcraft is still around.

Gaming VOIP information and tips

Being broke, I have tried to find a free voip to use in playing games. My main game Lotro has a built in voice chat by gamespy in it but you can only talk to people you are grouped with