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The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Beta Testing Account Key

I just received my weekend warrior pass to The Elder Scrolls Online, and realized I just down't have the time to play the game. So why not give away this beautiful unused key? How do you qualify? Like our Facebook

Rift Minion: 1 Month Free x5 give-away

What is Rift Minion? Rift Minion is a bot made by PharmerPhale for Rift which automates both PvE mob farming as well as PvP battling in warfronts. An enterprising person would probably simply use the automating software for leveling via

Runes of Magic: Legends of Taboria Handcrafted BookGiveaway

This is just a notice, letting you know that Shattered Crystal, working with Runes of Magic, is giving away Hand Crafted Legend's of Taboria "books". Really these things are more like Treasure Chests of really cool items. If you want