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Massive Fireball Display – WoW Trick

This Massive Fireball Display is a WoW trick you can use to cause havoc or to impress your friends... if you're a Fire Mage. Anyone else, need not read any further, as you won't be able to do this trick. I

WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches – October 2017

Here's a list of WoW Toy Exploits & Glitches which are working as of October 2017 in World of Warcraft. There are a few stipulations, like having one of the toys needed, but I guess that's a bit obvious. 😉 You

The Division Invisibility trick

The Division Invisibility trick will allow you to become invisible to all those around you. You will however need a friend to help you get this to work, but once completed, you're going to a weapon unto your enemies, the

Overwatch Double Attack Exploit

There are 2 parts to the Overwatch Double Attack Exploit. The first part will be shown in the video below. Watch it, and then read below to see how you can experience a condition which will cause some of your attacks to be

Solo Falcon Lost – Tom Clancy’s The Division

Before I teach you how to Solo Falcon Lost with the Shoot Through Walls Glitch, I want to stress that this is a new method which was found yesterday. It does not use the "Sticky Bomb Glitch" which was recently fixed.

More Worker Stamina – Black Desert Online Cheat

This More Worker Stamina, is an unconfirmed Black Desert Online Cheat. We know we're missing a step, but we're posting it for our members anyways. It basically allows you to recover stamina, while your workers are still working. We aren't sure

Fallout 4 Money Cheat

If you're worried about running out of money, then this Fallout 4 Money Cheat is for you. While it works now, be aware that in the near future, it probably won't. For that reason it's recommended that you get in Fallout 4

DayZ Swimming Glitch Guide

Unfortunately, you can't see yourself doing the DayZ Swimming Glitch. But if you bring a friend, the friend can verify for you, that you are doing it, also screenshot, or video you doing it. The best thing about the DayZ Swimming Glitch,

Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes – WoW

How would you like to have an Additional 10k DPS for 10 minutes? This is one of those unexpected uses for an item which will allow you to call some friends to help you out, no matter which class you are.

ESO Horse Trick – Unlimited Sprint

If you're new to ESO, and haven't yet bought your first horse, then this ESO Horse Trick is something you might find interesting. The ESO Horse Trick makes it so that you don't need to upgrade your mount, in at least in

Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick

The Horde Pet Invincibility Battlegrounds trick will allow you - at low levels - to secure a pet with a powerful buff which increases it's health 11k. What this means, is that your pet will be nigh invincible in Battlegrounds

Troll Team Members in Silvershard Mines – WoW

Troll Team Members in Silvershard Mines

I don't think anyone would purposely Troll Team Members in Silvershard Mines, unless they were a complete douche, but just in case you are one such person... then you will probably find this trick fun.

Sims 4 Pixelated Glitch Fix

Sims 4 Pixelated Glitch Fix

This Sims 4 Pixelated Glitch Fix is only needed if you downloaded a pirated copy of Sims 4. You might run into the Pixelated Glitch after going to the bathroom or using a shower. Don't go running to the Sims 4 official forums to

WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit

Imagine running into a battleground with an extra 150 Stamina on your level 19 Twink. What about an extra 100 agility on your rogue? This WoW Overpowered Twink Exploit is extremely OP! What is a Twink? A Twink is a character

Assassin’s Creed: Moses Ship Glitch

Call of Duty Ghosts: Head Stretching Glitch

This is merely meant to troll people in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and outside of the laughing, has no discernible use. It will allow you to move around, and have your character's head stretch out beyond the limits of your

GTAV: Unlimited Money Trick – Earn 10M per hour

It sucks when you need money in the game, and are always just a bit shy of your target. This trick uses the car method and is repeatable to allow you to earn as much money as you want.

WoW: Glitching Vale of Eternal Blossoms Exploration Video

There are 2 known places in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, where you can glitch your way under or through the environment. One glitch area is in the main city and the other one is at the Mogu'shan Palace. This

World of Warcraft: Fun Warrior Macros

This video is in a sorry state, but you can test out these 2 macros and see the fun you can do and show off to your friends. Whether you choose to share them or not, is another matter.

WoW: How to get Semi-Permanent Wings on Rogue

This trick will allow you to get wings on your rogue, which are semi-permanent. Being hit will remove the effect, but it seems thus far to be random on when this happens. I think it was intended and just a

WoW-Video: Get behind the Stormwind Bank