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Car Dupe Exploit Method – GTAV

For those looking for the Car Dupe Exploit in GTA5, here it is. Over the last few days, I have been teaching you how to clean dirty dupe plates and keep your account safe from being flagged for selling duped

Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer – GTAV

If you've got a PC, you can Bypass Los Santos Customs Sell Timer with a couple batch files. It allows you to sell duped cars, at full market value instead of waiting for the cooldown timer which gets you flagged

Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method – GTAV

If you've been duping cars for quick cash, and you have exceeded the recommended limits (see below), then you likely need to use this Clean Dirty Dupe Plate Method to clean the plate and make it so you can continue duping

GTAV Stealth Moneyhack Download

This GTAV Stealth Moneyhack for Grand Theft Auto V, will grant you $25k everytime to kill a pedestrian. It's considered stealth, because it will not just give you money at the press of a button. Instead, you need to initiate a

GTAV Zombie Mod

This GTAV Zombie Mod, brings you to the edge of civilization as the zombies have nearly taken over. It's the feature that has been requested from Rockstar Games but never realized. You've survived San Andreas, but now from nowhere zombies

Parachute Money Hack – GTAV Online

The Parachute Money Hack for GTAV Online will net you around $100k per jump. Some people have reported that they are making anywhere from $2 million to $3 million daily with this. The more times you do this, the more chances

GTAV External Multihack – Origin Hacks v2

The GTAV External Multihack is for SocialClub only. Consider this GTAV External Multihack to be the ultimate game hack, as really there is little to want for. Everything from making you undamaged to allowing you to fire your weapon without the need

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu – Free Download

Mikes GTA H4x 1.36 External Menu is an external tool/menu for Grand Theft Auto V, which works on PC games only. It provides many features including Teleportation, Heal, Fast Running, No Weapon Reload, and Freeze Ammunition. The full features are

2015 Top Grossing Games

It might come as a shock to you, the 2015 Top Grossing Games include some you might not even have thought about. For example, because of all the advertising they have done in the past, you might think that World

mod_s0beit – GTA5 Game Hack

mod_s0beit v3.4ff for Grand Theft Auto 5 patch 1.3 is a game hack which will give you unlimited amounts of money, grief your fellow players, make yourself God like, and so many more options. Imagine giving yourself 5M dollars in

Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 – Steam Version

Why would you want to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24? Well it's believed that when you Downgrade GTAV to 1.24 you can avoid the anti-cheat which might have been implemented into GTAV 1.26. Another reason to Downgrade GTAV to 1.24, is that not everyone

GTA5 Online Car Hauling Trick

GTA5 Online Car Hauling Trick

Having this GTA5 Online Car Hauling Trick makes more some good old roleplaying fun, surprise attacks, or one of my favorites - ambushes. This GTA5 Online Car Hauling Trick will allow you to haul 2-3 cars or 16 motorcycles, plus a crap

GTAV Money Hack

Why would you use a GTAV Money Hack? Sometimes you just want more money, and this is what the GTAV Money Hack is all about, being able to buy whatever you want, whenever you want - or maybe dropping hundreds

GTAV Release Date – PC – XBoxOne – PS4


GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4 The GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4 has been set, kinda. We know that all 3 versions of the new and improved GTAV are supposed to be released sometime after January

GTAV: A Collection of Memes and Images for Grand Theft Auto V

 GTAV When it comes to Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV), everyone has been playing it, for the most part. Everyone know's whats up, here are some random pictures and meme's from around the web, which feature GTAV as the theme.

GTAV Online: Mod and Save Police Sheriff SUV to your Garage

If you have a bit of experience, it's possible to steal a Police SUV then mod it at a shop, allowing you to save it in your player garage. It's not for everyone though, and at lower levels a bit

GTAV Cheat Codes for PS3 & Xbox360

These cheat codes, can be done on either the XBox360 or the PS3, and we have different sections for either of them. First off is the XBox360 Codes, followed by the PS3 codes farther down. Please scroll down for these.

GTAV Myths Busted – Video

If you've been wondering about if a Myth is true or not, then here's when you can get an answer. Contained in this video are myths such as robbing a store on an empty gun, drag racing, gaining stars from

GTAV: Unlimited Money Trick – Earn 10M per hour

It sucks when you need money in the game, and are always just a bit shy of your target. This trick uses the car method and is repeatable to allow you to earn as much money as you want.

GTAV: Locations for all 50 Letter Scraps

This mission is Unlocked After Locating one piece of a Letter Scrap, and is open to all the characters. Unfortunately, there are 50 different locations that the letter scraps can be found. Good news on that though, we have all

GTAV: Deep Inside Mission Walkthrough

Michael, Franklin, Trevor. Which would make the better James Bond? Michael's got the looks... Franklin the sense of style... and Trevor... well... Trevor's probably one of the villains. Nevertheless, only Franklin gets the chance to test his Bondian chops in