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WoW: 85 Rouge Alternative Endless Pickpocketing Location

Everyone seems to be at Schnotz Landing pickpocketing and killing the mobs there these days and it was hampering me getting the Epic Throwing weapon for my rogue (Spinerender). So instead I found an alternative place to loot Flame-Scarred Junkboxes,

RS: Complete Guide to 99 Summoning

With summoning in Runescape, you can summon various "familiars" which are monsters with certain abilities. While costly, they are a useful ability to have, as they will also allow you to hunt higher level mobs, allowing you to make more

EVE Online: Configuring the Client for PvP

Rule number 1 for life in 0.0 and PvP combat is that lag kills. Your graphics settings might look cool, but if these settings cause your client to lag when 10 hostiles land on grid and a battle starts, you're

Rift: High Kill Count with 31 point Assassin, in PvP

I happened to recently be playing around with my warrior in PvP, when I came up with a way to get a high kill count, without actually engaging the enemy that much. Only problem is, you need a rogue to

Rift Defiant walkthrough and guide to PVP Achievements part 5 of 5

This is part 5 of 5, of the complete Defiant Achievements guide. We have already covered Zone achievements, Elemental achievements, Character achievements, and Dungeon achievements. In this version, we cover all the different PvP achievements and explain how to get

Rift Defiant Guide to Dungeon Achievements part 4 of 5

This is part 4 of 5, of the complete Defiant Achievements guide. We have already covered Zone achievements, Elemental achievements, and Character achievements. In this version, we cover all the different Dungeons and explain how to get each and every

Zone Defiant Achievements Guide 3 of 5

An amazingly in-depth guide, describing how to get all of the Zone Achievements for Defiants in Rift. This guide is part 3 of 5 of the complete list to Defiant Achievements. This portion will cover the different zones; Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield,

Elemental Planes Defiant Achievements Guide 2 of 5

A amazingly in depth guide, describing how to get all of the Planes Achievements in Rift. This guide is part 2 of 5 of the complete list to Defiant Achievements. This portion will cover the Planes Achievements; Air, Death, Earth, Fire,

Defiant Guide to Character Achievements 1 of 5

This guide is part 1 of 5 of the complete list to Defiant Achievements. This portion will cover Advancement, Crafting, General, and Epic Quest Achievements and will describe how to get all of the Character Achievements in Rift.

Rift: Basics to making Platinum guide

The highest currency level in Rift is of course platinum, because it’s a new game, many things are going to change…possibly very quickly. There are still some very good tips to getting a lot of Rift Platinum. As with any

WoW: Producing Cost Effective Heavenly Shards

written by mageshadow Heavenly Shards have risen in price on my server so I started to think of ways to produce cost effective heavenly shards to either sell them raw or use them for enchants. I stumbled upon is a

Rift: In-Depth guide to Tanking

written by Elicas@TT From: Tank Telara Intro to Tanking This guide shouldn't hold too much any current min-maxers in other MMO's do not already know, and is more of a repository of knowledge for nearly 10 years of MMO tanking

Lotro Lookout: The Portable Edition

Well, although personal health issues and the death of my pc, has kind of kept me 'off me' game lately (on a friends laptop now)...here are a few things found at the forums about speeding things up for those on

Rift: Taugrim’s Guide to Riftblade Warrior PVP Mechanics

Taugrim wrote a free guide, which will teach you the mechanics and how-to to running a Warrior -Riftblade. It's a highly recommended read, and will go over Mechanics, Resources, Damage, Crowd Control (CC), Mitigation, Avoidance, CC-Counter Mechanics, Blade and Avatar, Riftblade

Rift: Iron Tombs Expert Mode Guide

An expert Guide to the Iron Tombs Dungeon in Expert Mode, including all boss fights, background, and recommended party members. This is an excerpt from MMOGuide Mart's Dungeon Guides.

Rift: How to make Platinum in Rift

Someone recently asked me, how to make Plat in Rift. He has each of the gathering skills, but has only about 13 Plat at level 30. So, I am going to explain some of the basics, on how to make

World of Warcraft: Make 20k in 5 hours with Inscription

Prices of Cataclysm herbs have been incredibly low on some realms. Less players are selling inks, making the prices rise. This creates ways to make lots of gold, especially with Inscription.

Blizzard Map Mods: Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die, StarJeweled review

SC:L Reviews: Blizzard Maps Written by Genopath On January 25th, players from all regions were able to test the beta versions of three of the four official Blizzard custom maps announced at BlizzCon. These maps demonstrate the improvements made to

Runescape: Iron Dragon ranging guide for obtaining gold coin

There are many ways to make money on Runescape but I will focus on a pretty good way which is Ranging Iron Dragons. This may not be the best method for low levels but if you have the requirements it

Rift: Feros Guide Review

First off, if you are familiar with Killer Guides ebooks, you will know I am no fan. Killer Guides basically rewrites the official manual, rehashes crap that can easily be found, and claims it's a new strategy guide to level

World of Warcraft: Gold Making tips with Tailoring

Most people who think you can't make gold with Tailoring, don't know how to make gold. Here are some tips on making gold in WoW with Tailoring. These come courtesy of the 20k Cataclysmic Gold Guide. If you are looking