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Rift: Rogue Stealth Farming in Abyssal Precipice

After the 1.1 Patch, stealth farming in Charmer's Couldron isn't worth the time anymore (just one Twilight Bloom Node is easily accessible). In Abyssal Precipice however, nothing really changed, so we can still do this easily (till the next patch anyways). There

World of Tanks: Aiming = more kills, with non-sniper tanks

I have told you time an again, that I can achieve more kills per game, then most people of similar tanks. I can do this, because I understand the fundamentals of aiming. All tank classes may find this information instructional.

World of Tanks: The art of hiding and camouflage

Some people are really good at hiding, and it's an art to be sure. There are however some tips and tricks, which will make you a better hider, like the top playing tank destroyers out there which garner 4-7 kills

World of Tanks: Observation is King – a guide to visual cues

People are sometimes surprised when my little ol' light or medium tanks, takes out 2-5 tanks each battle. It's because of the visual cues, that I am able to do what I do. There are certain visual cues, which when

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Getting the Thunder Gun

The Thunder Gun in Black Ops is a very strong power weapon, this unique weapon shoots out powerful blasts of sound which knocks enemies far and wide, instantly killing enemies and sometimes separating their limbs. The Gun has 2 rounds

Rift: Moonshade Highlands Puzzle Solution and Loot Locations

This is the guide for the Solution for the Puzzle in Moonshade Highlands, as well as how to get there, and any nearby Treasure Chests and Cairns. This puzzle, is actually really difficult to solo. I have seen 2 people

World of Tanks: Benefits of Blocking Roads and Bridges

I am one of the guys that will block a bridge or a road. Sometimes people are ecstatic, other times pissed. Most of the time no one says anything about it, they just continue to fight as if it's no

World of Warcraft: Guide to Effectively Melee DPSing

In our previous post we focused largely on general DPS, and how to handle that role.  Now that you have some groundwork laid out, we can get a bit more specific.  Melee DPS is one of those specific types of DPS

Rift: Scarwood Reach Puzzle – How to get there and Solve It

I have seen a few videos, and a few guides on solving this puzzle, and for the most part, it's kind of easy. The hardest part about the Scarwood Reach Puzzle, is that people seem to have a hard time

StarTrek Online: Easy Leveling Experience (Skill Points)

This might be well known, but for those that don't know there is an easy way to get some Experience. I've only done this from the FED side, but I can't see why it would be any different for the Klingon

Rift: Over Powered Rogue Build – Assassin Bard Marksman

written by Spitt, of mmoexploiters.com Before yesterday, I was running my previous Assassin build. This included a small amount on the Riftstalker tree, and a bit more invested in the Ranger tree. The idea, was to be a very versatile

World of Warcraft: Unholy Death Knights: How To Guide in 4.0.6

In 4.0.3 Unholy DKs saw themselves torn between dual wield and 2h viability.  In 4.0.6 that all changes.  Some changes to our mastery are also being factored in so with all these changes, what is a Death Knight to do?

Rift: In Game Macro Guide

Macro Commands An important component of macros is the ability to issue game commands via text input. A macro generally saves one or more of these commands for future and repeated use. Some the game commands available are below. Below

Stacraft 2 Campaign – Research and Upgrades

Here is a small guide for the Starcraft 2 campaign that explains some of the best ways to go about upgrading and researching the various tech routes.

Rift: Find and Solve, the Puzzle at Scarlet Gorge

I think the hardest part about completing this puzzle, is just finding the darned thing. I went searching for this puzzle, at coords given, 3629, 2755 but it's not easy to find. This is because you really need

Starcraft 2: Protoss Mirror Match – 3 Keys to Crush Your Enemy

The Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss mirror matchup is among the most difficult matchup. In this article I will give you the 3 most essential Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss strategies to help you win consistently in no time. First

World of Warcraft: Guide to Effectively DPSing in Dungeons & Raids

written by Ceraphus DPS is the highest populated role currently in World of Warcraft, yet so many times you run into people who just don’t know how to DPS, or don’t understand their role properly.  My hope is this article will

Lotro Assisted Leveling: A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide

Lotro Assisted Leveling A Poor Mans Dual Boxing Guide This can be modified to use in any game that you can play in a windowed mode With over 30 characters on more than 5 servers having vip, premium, and f2p

Starcraft 2: Terran vs Terran Mirror Strategies

Because of the sheer amount of Starcraft 2 strategy advice out there, I have decided to write this article in order to give you the most essential Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategies. I will show you the basics that every

Asheron’s Call: How to level 1-80 in a few hours

Some of you may know this already, if you are a long time reader of mine... I started out playing Asheron's Call. I still even have a buddy who checks it out and gives me notifications, when something changes. Recently,

World of Warcraft: How to turn 500 Gold into 10k, in 1 day

written by Mageshadow, Credits to duck for the find This is a fascinating market that has been around for years now. You can make thousands of gold from this method and you're only having to invest a couple thousand. Last time